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Guest blogging is helpful to both the author and the guest blogger. So if you’re a blogger, it enables you to receive free incredible content and sec, and for a guest blogger, it provides free backlink and free Blog advertising. And once you have got a decent strategy for Guest Blogging Marketing, you can generate not only serious traffic but also targeted traffic.

We are looking for original material, and we’d like to listen to your thoughts. Our main goal is to deliver fresh and insightful content to our readers on the fivetopthing.com, if you think you are smart enough to write a unique article on the required subjects we would like to suggest, please consider writing for us on the fivetopthing.com.

 It will be a pleasure to have you on our online forum, and your support would be widely esteemed. You can contact us by e-mail at serptrustmarketing@gmail.com to send your guest post.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest blogging is a perfect way to promote your brand story while also enhancing your brand identity. Here are seven main advantages of guest blogging.

1. Fast exposure of Targeted Traffic

Irrespective of whether you get a link to your site, posting to other blogs can encourage your audience’s curiosity. If you start to produce a high-quality post, anticipate traffic to start flowing to your site once it goes live. Traffic is the backbone of any kind of online company or blog. Anything as easy as a guest post will translate into revenues if you do it in the right way.

2. Create a relationship in your niche

Guest blogging can help you establish connections with other similar niche bloggers, which is especially useful if you are new to the scene. Although some bloggers will reject, others will happily consider your posts as they are, without any compliance restrictions. Why? Because that indicates they receive free content for their websites, even if they are a one-person site, it is incredibly beneficial to them. Of course, not all of these contacts can turn out to be effective.

However, by developing a constructive and competent approach to targeting fellow bloggers and brands in your niche, you are beginning to get your identity (and writing talent) out there, building your reputation.

3. Rankings and Brand Recognition

Guest posting makes your blog perform higher in the search engines. You need to find similar bloggers in your niche who will have links to your blog in the posts you post on their blogs, because the more specific backlinks you have, the higher your blog ranks in search engines.

This isn’t too difficult, because most websites ensure at least one link to your site to be copied inside your subject and another link to your author bio. As a guest post to more pages, you can extend your scope to communicate with hundreds or thousands of prospective future followers. This impact and cumulative exposure will improve when your guest posts are shared on social media.

4. Strengthen your writing skills

Guest blogging is a perfect thing to motivate you to strengthen your writing skills. You may assume you are the best writer in your niche you own a personal blog, you have a few readers, and your loyal readers leave supportive comments.

However, over time, you are going to get into a pattern and eventually settle for less in terms of writing content and the value of the details you have provided. It is a normal process that happens when you haven’t any real challenges.

On the other hand, when you are offering your expertise as a guest author, You will be required to pay attention to every aspect, including study, content, and grammar, which will improve your writing.

5. Shorten the cycle of sales

Content marketing is a wicked force of nature that can push sales or drain company budgets. By distributing high-quality content across multiple channels, using widely known blogs and developed platforms, you foster trust with your target market. Also, you develop brand recognition as people are becoming acquainted with your content and see you as an expert in the field. In other words, rather than just waiting for leads to crawl your website or reach it explicitly (outbound marketing), you can use guest posting as part of your online marketing strategy.

6. Defined authority

You are the boss on your website. However, it requires a long time and a lot of work to create a blog from scratch and make it a well-known source of information and wisdom.

When you create well-written, well-researched, authoritative guest posts on respected websites for well-established brands, you get the opportunity to achieve exclusive insights into a unique voice that resounds with your readers. It works well for your credibility.

People who like the post are likely to click on your author’s bio and visit your blog, eager to find out more about you and your work.

7. Get the Community Valuable Reviews

As a guest blogger, another benefit of being involved in the community is that you get valuable input from other writers. When you talk about approaches, for example, other professionals may want to share their suggestions in the comments section. As a result, the approach can be further developed or refined with their feedback in mind.

Niches and topic we accept on our website

  • Tech
  • Home
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Home
  • Garden
  • Pet

Guest Posting Guidelines

The Writers must ensure and re-check their article that all standards are maintained before submitting a guest post to our online platform.

  • First, if you are writing for our website, you must guarantee that your article is free from plagiarism, even if we do not have 1% plagiarism.
  • The content you are writing for us must be short, step-by-step, rather than longer, paragraphs and make it easy to read and engage.
  • We just admire a creative post, which is 100% original and appropriate. If you have previously submitted an article to some other web page, we ask you not to bother posting the same content on our online portal as we believe it could confuse our online readers.
  • Your article must be fully free of grammatical mistakes. There are many online resources to review your grammar mistake for an article that you need to help with before posting a guest post.
  • No matter how legitimate you are, do not put an unnecessary argument to make your content look long, you must first be assured that your point would not deceive our online readers.
  • We believe in precise material, so you should maintain the intensity of your word content in between 600-2000 words.
  • You can add one link per 600 words in a total of 3 links that are fine, including all the links referred to the author.
  • In the end, the photographs used in the article should be original and registered so that they do not contain any copy-write statements.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How we can reach you?

You can reach us through our mail address:-  serptrustmarketing@gmail.com

2.  What will be the after submission process?

All submissions are immediately entered in-review. Our team will review your guest post application for 7-14 days. The estimated publication time from the date of submission is 2-4 weeks.

3. What if my submission is Pending?

If your article is awaiting further information, you will be notified by e-mail. This status essentially means that we need more details about your guest post submission before we can approve it and queue it for release.

4. What if my article is rejected?

If your article is rejected, you will be notified by e-mail. General rejection means that the submission has violated the guidelines posted or is not a better fit for our blog or audience. At this time, there is no chance of challenging a refusal to submit a request, but you can submit a new guest post for approval at any time.


In closing terms, we welcome and encourage all accomplished and fresher authors to our online forum to showcase their writing skills to our readers. The main goal, through your writing process, is to involve more and more readers in our serptrustmarketing@gmail.com blog and end up making this site resilient with up-to-date, relevant data. Choose your favorite category and join your hand to extend this online site.

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