Top 3 CBD products for Horses in Canada

Introduction to CBD for horses in Canada

CBD is becoming more and more popular for many horse owners. Its all-natural and plant-based form makes it excellent for horses who usually cannot be given treatments like NSAIDs. Through CBD, common issues like joint and muscle inflammations, problems with digestion, anxiety, and more can be treated. This can interact with the neurotransmitters and receptors of the body which affects their skin, brain, spinal cord, and more. With regular consumption of CBD, horses can have a better overall health.

We have compiled the top 3 CBD oils for horses in Canada based on the following factors:

  • Blend – Horses are herbivores which means that they are more limited in terms of what they can consume. Because of this, we paid close attention to the contents of the CBD oil to ensure that every part is safe and healthy for them.
  • Packaging – Many are still unfamiliar with CBD which is why it is important for manufacturers to provide a lot of information in their packaging to help in guiding users about controlling the dose depending on the symptoms they are trying to treat.
  • Customer reviews – We also compiled the different reviews provided by users to see how fast the oil worked, what its effects were, and more.

Our first choice – Furbabies

Furbabies is a Vancouver-based company that is known for constantly researching and innovating to improve the quality of their oils. Their oil for horses is available in either a blend for reducing anxiety or pain for them. These come in a 50mL bottle which contains 1500 mg in total.

What makes it stand out is its unique cannabimimetic blend that has a combination of all-natural ingredients such as Black pepper, echinacea, and rosemary for improving the horses’ health. These are mixed in MCT oil which horses can consume without much issue. This has been seen to be very beneficial for treating the different symptoms felt by horses.

The packaging of Furbabies is good because it clearly distinguishes which symptom (pain or anxiety) it is made to treat. Its dropper is also easy to use for measuring the dose and for directly giving it to horses.

The product also has many highly scored reviews on their website, with many customers praising it for its fast-acting effects.

Overall, Furbabies is our best choice because of its unique and effective blend, highly informative packaging, and its excellent reviews from customers. With their experience in helping out pets, we can’t honestly suggest anyone else for the top spot.

Our second choice – Creating Better Days

Creating better days cbd for horses

Creating Better Days is a CBD company centered for pet products. Their CBD for horses is a good choice because of its special blend which includes burdock, ashwagandha, marshmallow, and licorice root. This makes it more effective in treating horses’ digestive issues and relieving them of symptoms related to poor performance. They have two blends: one for improving performance and one for alleviating pain.

They have a premier packaging that stands out from others given its large size and fancy design. Instead of dropper, it comes in 10 oral syringes which contain 100ml of oil each. These have 500mg of CBD. These are nano encapsulated to make it easier to digest for horses.

They also provide a guide for dosing it depending on the common illnesses felt by horses such as chronic pain, anxiety, and ulcers. It can also be used for generally improving your horses’ health.

Customer reviews compliment the product’s packaging and the ease of using its oral droppers. They also noticed a great boost in their horses’ performance with regular usage.

In conclusion, we recommend Creating Better Days because of its healthy blend, excellent packaging, and good customer reviews.

Our third choice – CannaHorse

CannaHorse white bottle of cbd oil
Cannahorse Horse CBD product

CannaHorse’s Equilibrium is another excellent choice. It is unique because of its use of emulsification for the CBD, which, unlike oils and pellets, can retain its stability and consistency for a long time. It is also known to be easier for horses to process. They also use a micronized formula to make it more effective for horses. Their CBD oil comes with phytocannabinoids that greatly helps in relieving different symptoms felt by horses both physically and mentally. It can be given for all horses regardless of age and breed.

With a simple and straightforward package that gives comprehensive instructions on how to use it their product is good for first time users. They also have a lot of guides available on their website. Instead of a dropper, it comes with a reliable syringe. It can be bought in either a 7-unit or 28-unit bottle.

The product has many good reviews from customers who liked its quick effects for treating horse symptoms. Many noticed their horses becoming more active and calmer when approached when regularly consuming this. They also did not have any problems with its flavor because of its excellent quality as proven by its certification of Good Manufacturing.

Overall, CannaHorse is also a good choice because of its unique technology for extracting the contents of hemp and its good packaging.


We liked Furbabies’ cannabimimetic blend the best because of its inclusion of many all-natural ingredients that are very effective, and which synergizes well with the horses’ body.

Creating Better Days’ is also recommendable because of its healthy blend and good customer reviews.

Finally, CannaHorse is also recommendable because of its unique manufacturing methods and its good packaging.