Apawthecary Bacon Flavored Oral Drops for Cats Review

We take a look at Apawthecary and their bacon flavored hemp oil for cats to see how it can benefit you and your pet


CBM or cannabis-based medicine are not only beneficial for humans, but also for our pets such as cats. They are useful for a variety of physical and mental ailments that they feel.

CBM is promoted by a lot of pet owners because of its natural composition, the easy way of giving it, and its beneficial effects. Although veterinarians are not allowed to promote it yet, there are many who acknowledge its positive impact for cats’ health.

We take a close look at Apawthecary’s Bacon Flavored Oral Drops for Cats to see its effectiveness, composition, quality and more.

Apawthecary Pets

Apawthecary treats in Canada, is a company that values research and proper testing for their products first and foremost. Because of this, they took a year and a half for preparation of their products before finally launching which has paid off well given the high customer ratings given to them. Aside from oral drops, they also infuse cannabis with treats, skin salves, and food toppers.

They offer three potency variations for the drops, ranging from 120, 300, and 600 mg. The dose will depend upon your pet and what ailment you are trying to relieve. Given their lighter weight, cats are recommended using either a 120 or 300 mg bottle.

Apawthecary Oral Drops Bacon Flavor

Bacon is one of the best flavors for cats as they are naturally carnivorous. We liked Apawthecary’s flavorings because of its organic smell. It did not smell like chemicals which is a testament to the high-quality of ingredients they used. Its aroma will instantly attract cats, making it easier to give every day.

What is included in their box?

The product comes with a box which contains a lot of instructions for how to use it. They also provide you with a dropper which you can use to measure the dose you will give to your cat. This is advised to be put directly on their mouth for it to work properly. If this is hard to do, you may instead mix it with their favorite treat.

Hemp use with A Paw The Cary

Apawthecary uses hemp to harvest the cannabinoids that they mix with the oil. They have lab certifications which prove that they use insecticide and GMO-free hemp. Through this, pet owners are ensured of the safety of the oil.

This also contains less than 0.3% of THC. This makes it safe for cats with the proper dose. THC should always be avoided as it is a psychoactive compound which causes the sensation of being “high” when taking cannabis. While it has medicinal effects, it can be toxic for pets at high levels. Apawthecary ensures that it is not present in their products.

Apawthecary includes many of the healthy cannabinoids inside hemp which have different beneficial effects for the cats. These are mostly antioxidants and are good against inflammations and infections.

CBM Benefits for cats

CBM interacts with the receptors of the cat’s endocannabinoid system. This part of their body can interact with the nervous system which gives its benefits.

First, it can reduce their anxiety. Through this, they can adapt better to their environment and become less scared of loud noises, new cats, and other stimuli. This is helpful for cats who are new to your house and those who are always anxious.

Next, it will interact with the nervous system to lessen any chronic pain that the cat is feeling. This is especially beneficial for cats who are suffering from arthritis and nerve degeneration brought on by old age.

The other benefits of CBM include improving their appetite, making them more energetic, and protecting them from cancer.

CBM has been seen to work for as fast as four hours after giving it. It is best used every day at an appropriate dose.

APawthecary Potency

Their CBM oil is formulated with a mild potency for cats. When giving it to them, pet owners are recommended to take it slowly. After all, their bodies need to adapt to the oil first. Because of this, start by giving the smallest dose possible which you increase slowly over days. Once you notice your cat’s health becoming better, it is a sign that you’ve found the best amount to give them.

The potency will also depend on what you are trying to treat for them. Cats who are experiencing chronic pains and inflammations may be advised to get higher doses compared to those being treated for anxiety.

APawthecary Customer Support

Cannabis-related supplements have only recently been approved for wide scale use for both humans and pets. Because of this, there is still a lot of confusion behind its safety, how it works, and what it is made of.

What we especially liked about Apawthecary is their dedication to providing customers with a large body of information. Through a link written in the oral drop’s packaging, a link to their website can be seen. Through here, an FAQ can be seen.

The packaging itself also has a lot of instructions written for it to make it easier for users to use the product properly. They are also transparent about their ingredients which puts our worries at ease.

Side effects

CBM is safe for cats and has no side effects if given properly. However, cats who receive it for the first time may be sleepier than usual. Apawthecary says that it is because the cat will experience less pain for the first time in a while, making them more relaxed. They will return back to normal in a couple of days.

In case you give them too much, they may experience issues in their stomach because they will have difficulty processing the oil. Because of this, be sure to properly follow their instructions.


We recommend Apawthecary’s Bacon Flavored Oral Drops for cats because of the good quality of its ingredients, its benefits, and the abundant customer support the company provides. However, you must not that ApawtheCary is no longer available. So if you are wondering what happened to Apawthecary then just read this post as it fully explains everything.

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