Top 5 Harnesses for Labs

When it comes to labs, labs are indeed the sturdy and athletic breed of dogs. It is so much fun to play with this breed of dog. However, the problem arises in controlling them with the help of leashes. This is probably because of the reason that these are extremely big in size. Therefore, the leash which is udes to get hold of the product should also be that much stronger for controlling such a big dog. The leash and the harness which is probably used for controlling such big dogs are ideally with a greater amount of strength. This happens for the reason which has been already explained above. 

In addition, the most important thing which needs to be taken into account is that the type of harness which is used to control dogs plays an important role in ensuring how effectively dogs are managed. There are various common features and characteristics of the harness which must be ideally present for ensuring that the dog is kept under control. 

The popular features which are ideally found in these kind of harnesses which are essential to taking control of the dogs are as follows:

  • In the first place, the harness which is used should be very secure. In addition. It must also be comfortable for the dog. It must not be so tight in its nature. The user of the harness must make sure that such a harness is not trying to asset any pressure around the neck and throat of the dog in any form and manner.
  • The harness which is used used be durable and must be capable of being used again and again, 
  • No wonder that the dog can never choose anything available for it, however, the owner of the dog can. This shows that the owner of the dog is having the power to assure that the harness which has been chosen by him or her, pleases to his or her choice. 

Buyers guide

Dogs are some of the most wonderful animals in nature. They are loyal, faithful and beautiful gifts that God has given to humans. Labs are one of the best breeds you can see in dogs. They are extremely faithful and they need gentle treatment. Here we have some of the points which a dog lover should go through before buying a harness.

  • Comfort- the most important thing when it comes to dogs is comfort. These little speechless wonders can’t tell you by mouth but you can feel their pain. You will never want to give your dog a bad experience with the harness you use. So get a complete research data of how much suitable the harness is. This is very important as you will get a perfect harness for your dog.
  • Design- another factor which is quite necessary for some of the owners. These days fashion speaks a lot and not only for humans but also for dogs. There are many designs in the market for harnesses for labs and people want their dogs to look stylish. More you invest in a harness the more you get a stylish one so make your dog a smarty one.
  • Strength- if you are buying a harness for your lab, you are buying to control it. If the harness can’t help you with controlling a dog then it’s useless. So strength does matter in selecting a harness. A harness with good strength is very necessary but comfort is the main key to keep in mind.

This blog post ascertains the best quality of harnesses that are available in the market at a reasonable price. This will all ensure that the readers are apprised about the pros and cons of very kind of harness. This blog post will definitely help the readers to draw an inference about the type of product required by him or her by comparing the pros and cons of the product available. The list has been enumerated as follows:

Top 5 Harnesses for Labs (Our Top Pick)

1. Ruffwear Front Range

This is one of the most famous harnesses which is ideally used by the lab lovers. This is completely because of the unique style it holds. This is also because of the fact that the product has been designed in such a way that the consumer is awarded with the best possible advantages. This product has four points of adjustment. The user of this kind of harness is able to adjust the level as per his or her convenience. This leash is also imbibed by the two leash attachment points. They are also having an additional comfortable chest plat which is made up using padded material. This ensures a comfort for the ultimate lab who is to be tied using this. They have a tight grip. It does not cause any sort of discomfort for the ultimate dog.

The pros and cons of this product have been summarized as under:


  • Provides a tough grip for a tough dog.
  • Easy to adjust as per convenience
  • It is very Affordable hence it provides you with a good option


  • The fit is not at all good so you have to be lucky to get your dog in it. .

Best No Pull Harness for Labs: Freedom No Pull Harness

This is another product which is available in the market at a reasonable price. This is the best type of leash which is available. There are two attachments for these points. There is also a martingale loop on the back to control the labs. The martingale loop ensures that harness is able to have a strong grip around the chest of the dog. There is an additional front loop also attached which ensures that the grip is maintained. This harness also has four attachment points. These attachment points also ensure in adjusting the grip which is comfortable to both the animal and its owner. In addition, there are many other exciting features that are imbibed in this product. This leash comes in many different bright colors. They enhance the security and grip using which an animal is held properly by the owner. 

The pros and cons of the product can be summarized as follows:


  • Provides an Easy Grip for comfortable usage
  • It is highly Adjustable
  • Comfortable for the animal to carry.


  • The harness is not that good for long usage.

Best Multi-Function Bargain Harness for Labs: Rabbitgoo

This is another fabulous product which is available in the market at a very reasonable and affordable price. This is one of the best harnesses for the labs. In addition, this harness typically comes in black color. This provides a very firm fitting and grip for the animal to carry and for the master to hold. There is a handle attached with this harness. This handle ensures that the owner is able to hold and control the animal which is wearing this harness or leash. In addition, instead of the entire range of products of this brand being in black, the stitches are illuminated and are beautifully visible on the face of it. This also provides a soothing effect to the eyes. This leash has many other features as well. These features include an adjustable strap which is able to hold the chest and neck of the animal with the utmost amount of grip and stability. This is a comfortable wear for the animal and does not cause any irritation or rashes to the animal. 

The pros and cons of the product have been summarized as under:


  • It is very Easy to hold
  • There is a provision of Additional loops for extra grip
  • The harness is very Budget Friendly


  • Only available in black color
  • The variations are very limited making it less attractive

Best Lightweight Basic Harness for Labs: Petsafe Surefit

This is the best product which is available in the marketplace in this category. This is highly sought for product. The customers who have labs consider this as theri first choice.

The material used in this harness is very guff. In addition, the texture is completely webbed. This ensures that the animal does not feel uncomfortable while wearing this. It is also successful in providing a strong and firm grip to the owner. This is the only harness which is available in the market that has five adjustment points.

This offers a huge amount of discretion to the owner to ensure that the grip is adjusted as per the convenience. This also ensures that the animal does not feel any sort of pain around the area of its chest due to excessive hold of the leash. There are easy on-off clasps which are available. This leash comes in several vibrant colors. These colors are yellow, brown, and black. These colors are loved by the animals and look very happy wearing them

The pros and cons of this product have been summarized as under: 


  •  It is very Easy to adjust
  • It does Comes with five adjustment points
  •  Easy to control, hence provides great experience


  • The strength is a little doubtable factor

Kurgo Journey harness

If you are looking for a harness that can suit your needs while traveling or hiking then this is the best pick for you. This harness comes with a stunning black handle that would help your pet lab to walk up on a steep hill or on such terrains. It’s the best and affordable harness for all the adventure seekers who love to travel with their pets. The dual clip that is provided with it gives the versatility to the harness, so that you can perform various activities easily. The fabric is extremely good and machine- washable. It is tough enough to withstand wear and tear. It is also pretty much comfortable for your lab dog.

The pros and cons of this product have been summarized as under: 


  • It is a highly durable harness
  • Appropriately customised individually for your dog
  • Material is of premium quality


  • Don’t have much of a colour choice. 


This blog post has summarized the features, pros, and cons of every harness which is available in the marketplace at a reasonable and affordable price. These harnesses that have been described as the best ones available in the market. The product is very valuable and brimming with quality. These products are extremely relied on by their customers.

The pros and cons of every single product explained above have been described. This ensures that the best of the advantages are achieved while using these products for our beloved pets and labs. The material used therein is very guff in nature.

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