5 Top Baby Shower Gels

Families have long done their best to provide satisfaction to their babies and especially to skincare. 

As we know, babies’ skin is first of all the most fragile, so it is absolutely necessary to be well protected. 

From the first three months of the infant, the skin must be well washed, hydrated, and protected from anything causing embarrassing allergy. 

Now, you may be wondering which washing gel to choose for your baby?

Worry not, we got you!

In this post, we will be giving you an overview of the best 5 washing gels that are safe, gentle, and perfect for your tiny little one.. 

Let’s start…

Our 5 Top Picks

Babies have very sensitive and  fragile skin, so they need a product with natural ingredients.

The world market is really lined with all brands… 

So that’s what we are here for, to narrow the path and save money and make the right choice…

Mustela Baby Gentle Cleansing Gel

About this product: 

  • Daily natural washing.
  • Not allergic.
  • Beautiful care for sensitive skin.
  • Provides softness and freshness.

Mustela offers you this product, a gentle washing gel for daily and continued washing so that the baby always feels very elegant, satisfied. 

To refresh his skin using Mustela’s well-chosen ingredients for fragile skin newborn and baby. 

Prestige care and cleaning. 

It is effective for the scalp as well. Keeps it clean, clear, and healthy.. 

Babo Botanicals Smoothing 2-in-1 Shampoo & Wash

About this product: 

  • Leaves the skin feeling silky soft
  • Has a lovely scent of lavender
  • Chemical-free shampoo
  • Best for toddlers

It’s made with  safe ingredients  to keep your baby safe and happy.

This shampoo and wash product is highly recommended to be used for toddlers

In addition, it is vegan and hypoallergenic, ideal for babies and children.

Most importantly…

.. it’s free of any irritant ingredients or harsh chemicals that cause harm to the baby’s skin. 

Baby Mantra 3-in-1 Bubble Bath, Shampoo, and Body Wash

About this product:

  • One of the best baby body cleansers for newborns
  • Lightly scented with essential oil and aloe vera
  • Hydrates baby’s skin
  • Leaves baby relaxed and calm

Baby Mantra 3 in 1 Bubble Bath, Shampoo and Shower Gel is EWG certified with a # 1 rating.

It is ideal for toddlers and children with sensitive skin. 

It is also a great natural baby shampoo because it is pure, safe, and great for everyday use. 

This organic baby shampoo is made from the best possible natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients.

That’s said..

This organic shampoo and shower gel is extremely gentle on sensitive skin.

Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo & Wash

About this product:

  • For kids and babies
  • Can be used for dry skin 
  • Cause no irritations or tears
  • Smells so good

This is one of the best baby shampoos and the organic baby cleanser is made in the USA from 98% natural ingredients.

It is one of the best natural baby shampoos and washes.

Plus, it’s clinically proven to be completely safe and effective to use on your baby every day.

Above all… 

..the No-Tear Shampoo and Natural Gentle Baby Wash is specially designed with a non-irritating formula that will leave the baby looking clean from head to toe after every bath.

California Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash

About this product:

  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • For kids and babies
  • Works for some eczema cases
  • Has a light smell 

It is a product tested against allergies, fragrance-free, suitable for sensitive skin, and an effective baby soap against eczema

In addition, it does not contain any irritants, alcohol, or harsh chemicals.

The same goes for a completely safe and extremely effective cleanser for your baby’s delicate skin.

If you want to learn more about baby skincare, we recommend you start here with a full baby skincare kit for babies

Buyers’ Guide

What should you watch out for when buying baby bath gel?

Children’s bath gels can be difficult to choose. There are many brands and types of gel and each has a function. 

For example, almost all of the ones we’ve seen are 2 in 1 gel and shampoo and are suitable for all skin types.

In addition, some are organic (they contain natural ingredients), others are hypoallergenic, etc. 

This is why it can be difficult to choose the best. 

However, you should keep in mind that every baby is a world and a gel can work on one baby but not another.

In case you don’t know.. 

Gels are important because they help create protective mechanisms for the skin. 

Since children are young, they have not yet fully developed these mechanisms and need gels to help them do so. 

Baby and adult skin is different for different reasons, here are some of them:

  • Babies have a thinner layer of skin
  • The acid mantle is weak
  • The pH is different
  • It’s more permeable

It is, therefore, important to use specific gels for babies or children up to about 6 years old.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always follow your pediatrician’s instructions. 

..if he recommends a specific type of shampoo or gel to use for your baby, you will have to go for it because it is probably the most suitable option for your little one… 

That’s being said.. 

There are several things to consider when choosing the best showering shampoos and gels for your baby.

First, if the baby has special needs

The baby may have an allergy or atopic skin. In these cases, you will need a special gel for your skin type, such as atopic or hypoallergenic skin gels.

Second, the Scent 

Some smell like natural herbs and some don’t. That is why you should choose the gel with the aroma you prefer.

Third, if it is natural products

Some showering gels come from natural plants and these are generally eco-friendly and natural. These, usually, are the most recommended kinds to go for when you are buying for a newborn baby. 

Fourth, the ingredients

As we have seen, some containers are larger and others are smaller. The smaller ones are great for traveling, but the larger ones are more suited to everyday life because they tend to be cheaper.

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Dema JS is the founder of newbabysmell.com and a mother of two little kids. 

Dema had her MBA from St. John’s University- NYC in dual concentrations: Executive Management and Marketing Management. 

Contact: Please email [email protected] or go to newbabysmell.com

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