Best tempered glass PC case Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

The trend of applying tempered glass on the CPU is increasing day by day in the youngsters. It looks a lot fancier than the regular CPUs with steel plates or covers. The manufacturer has understood the strength and taste of the users so to satisfy their needs of fancy look and attractive CPUs they have introduced tempered glasses for their CPUs. We have Please state the temper glasses of CPU from top quality to best. Go through the article because we have provided the best information which you need to understand before buying a tempered glass for your CPU.

Best tempered glass PC case

1. Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-Omega mid-tower Tempered glass gaming

Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-Omega

If you want a tempered glass pc case which has an angular design to look more attractive then you should buy this product. It will help you to make your PC look more bold and Unique. Moreover, you don’t need to purchase extra LED light what are your CPU because this tempered glass has inbuilt LED lights to make your CPU look more attractive.


It includes LED lights for your cooling fan and also has an angular design.

2. Anidees AI Crystal PM mid-tower liquid cooling, gaming ATX case

Anidees AI Crystal PM mid-towe

This tempered glass pc case has been made out of superior quality materials. The most amazing feature of this product is that it has a side window through which you will be able to see the mechanism of the CPU. Also, this product has been equipped with the LED fence which gives it more premium and fancy Look. Adopting this tempered glass case will give an elegant look to your computer system.


It supports 360 MM radiators which makes it more durable and also the window of CPU helps in liquid cooling of your desktop.

3. ThermalTake Core P5 tempered glass

In this tempered glass case, you can set up your CPU mechanism in Three placements. I thought it can be placed horizontally or vertically or in the side panel. You are free to modify your sister mechanism in this tempered case very easily. The design of the glass frame is so elegant that it will give you a clear and transparent look from three sides.


The glass comes with a year of warranty and it has 3MM of thickness and supports 480 MM of cooling.

4. ThermalTake tower 900 Black editions Tempered glass

ThermalTake tower 900

This is another best-tempered glass case available in the market with premium quality of manufacturing. It can provide the extra liquid cooling by its powerful cooling fan and then you won’t get any overheating problem in your desktop and CPU. This is an amazing product available in the market which can be used by those who want a fancy and elegant design tempered glass PC case.


The thickness of this tempered glass case is 6MM and it can provide support to 560 MM of liquid cooling by its cooling fan.

5. Rosewill ATX mid-tower gaming computer case, tempered glass

Rosewill ATX mid-tower

Consumers are loving this product because of its high-quality manufacturing and durability. This case is equipped with both front and side tempered glass which gives it an elegant look and premium covering. Those who want to leverage gaming experience should Buy this product to satisfy their needs of elegant look and design. There are multiple functions and features in this tempered glass case that it also provides a speed-controlled cooling fan.


There are radiators on the top inside panel of the computer for better liquid cooling. Moreover, the glass of the case is transparent to make a clear vision.

6. Phanteks PH-EC416PTG tempered glass edition case

Phanteks PH-EC416PTG

This case is very durable because it has a steel body. External parts of the case are so premium end manufacture From the durable quality of the material. The side panels of the tempered glass case Are visible and A cooling fan is also included in this case. There is also one small light is included in the lower part of the front panel which is available in 10 colours.


The case supports 360 MM of radiator cooling and also there is a switch for the convenience to turn off the downlight. It is very easy to clean.

7. Corsair crystal series 570X RGB- tampered glass case

Corsair crystal series 570X RGB

All the sides of this PC case are covered from the tempered glass which gives it the more vibrant look. All the gamers are suggesting to consider this kind of PC because all the sides are visible and it is simple to modify or design interior LED lights in such kind of CPUs. Most of the users who use live streaming on gaming channels prefer such kind of tempered glass case because it gave them more determination in playing the fancy game.


You can adjust a radiator cooling fan in the tree of 360 MM and 280 MM.

8. Phanteks Enthoo Evolve ATX Computer case- tempered glass edition.

Phanteks Enthoo Evolve ATX

This computer case is designed from 3MM thick aluminium sheet. Also, this case is equipped with 4MM thickness of its tempered glass sheet which makes it more visible and clear. There are also simple and quick opening and closing shutters to clean and clear the dust and fans.


There is separate space for regular air mechanism and also RGB LED lights are included in this case.

9. Cooler master box Pro 5 RGB Mid-tower case

Cooler master box Pro 5

This is the most demanding product on the internet in the segment of the tempered glass CPU case. There is an option of adjusting the mounted panels in this case because of this it has become the most demanding product of the year. Moreover, there are RGB LED lights are included in this case which gives it more vibrant Look. Using this Tempered glass case will give you a whole new experience.


The tempered glass sheet has been manufactured in the thickness of 4MM end the radiators supporting the are of 360 MM.

10. Corsair Obsidian 500D smoked tempered glass case.

Corsair Obsidian 500D

If you are a kind of gamer who doesn’t want any LED lights and pump in the shoe in the CPU case then you can go for this product which has Matt finish glass. It is very simple looking smoked Glass which is designed in such a way that it fulfils the requirement of continue airflow in the CPU. Apart from this, the trees of the cooling fans are removable and adjustable.

Features ;

It has an aluminium panel in the front panel and 120 ML of liquid cooling radiators which makes it a worthy product.


All the tempered glass PC case mentioned above are made up of premium quality materials which are very much durable and tough. There is a different kind of panels which are designed differently according to the taste of the user. Choose the best among the List mentioned above to satisfy your needs.

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