Best Presentation Clickers

Best Presentation Clickers

Presentation clickers are essential in a power-point presentation, regardless of the spot used. You can make a lot of aspects easier by getting a clicker. You will not have to walk to your computer every minute to change the slide. Presentation clickers come in diverse ranges depending on their functions and the price range varies too. You can choose the one that you like as we have selected unique clickers to represent this list. We have also included price range and feature descriptions to help people running in budgets. The presentation clickers are made with durability and pinpoint precision to make sure every aspect becomes a feature.

10 Best Presentation Clickers

1. rts Wireless Presenter Powerpoint Clicker Presentation

rts Wireless Presenter Powerpoint Clicker Presentation

Price – 627 INR

This presentation clicker is made in the design of a pen to ease holding experience. You can use the simplistic buttons arranged in a linear form to navigate through your presentation with ease.

It has all the necessary controls such as the next slide, previous slide, screen on-off, and brightness slider. You can click on the brightness button, and a slider will help you increase or decrease the brightness. The light on top indicates the power status of the clicker to help you preserve battery. The clicker works on infrared technology to communicate with your presentation viewer.

The clicker’s body is made of plastic but has a nice gripping texture. The presenter also easily fits inside a pocket.


  1. Simple design with focus on function.
  2. Control buttons decorated in a linier manner.
  3. Connectible with every platform.
  4. Lightweight body with texture for ease of holding.

2. rts Wireless Presenter  

 rts Wireless Presenter

Price – 523 INR

USB mouse clickers work a little differently than laser or infrared clickers. USB clickers connect to the projector or computer processing the power-point presentation. This connection enables the clicker to make a more durable connection that is not interrupted quickly. This clicker is designed with functionality as a priority and comes at an excellent price of just over 500 INR. This clicker is a bang for the buck as it communicates directly with its handy little USB plug. You can insert the USB plug inside the cavity made in the presenter to prevent loss.


  1. Unique design with large buttons.
  2. Connectible USB pin provided.
  3. Removable battery operated.
  4. Multiplatform support integrated.

3. Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote Clicker

Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote Clicker

Price – 2479 INR

Logitech makes very durable electronic products, and this presentation clicker is no different. It has very simplistic and prominent buttons to help you navigate. The material is durable to make sure you do not drop it and break it. This clicker is handy for regular and rough usage as it has all the essential buttons needed for fluid navigation through all presentations. This device possesses service durability of an extended period, so you do not need to worry about it breaking.


  1. Small but durable design from Logitech.
  2. 20 meters rage.
  3. Universally compatible.
  4. Storable USB receiver included. 

4. rts Wireless Presenter Remote, 2.4GHz

rts Wireless Presenter Remote, 2.4GHz

Price- 589 INR

This RTS wireless presenter looks much like a remote but has many functionalities. This clicker also comes with an auto-play functionality which you can program to your needs.

With autoplay, you can let the slides change while you talk. Time limits for every slide can make such features useful. There are pause and play buttons to help ease trouble with navigations one might face.

The clicker has a 2.4 gigahertz of frequency and uses more battery. The big battery capacity is useful for long term usage of the clicker without sacrificing any functionality.


  1. Small but clean design with glossy top.
  2. Large sized buttons that are clearly visible to eyes.
  3. Auto play feature integrated.
  4. Storable USB 2.5GHZ included in the remote.

5. TECHTEST, Vtechcom Wireless Remote Control Presenter

TECHTEST, Vtechcom Wireless Remote Control Presenter

Price- 499 INR

This elegant looking clicker has a small design and is easy to carry. It is a USB clicker to make sure you do not have issues presenting. The clicker also comes with a convenient bag, to make sure you do not have difficulty carrying your clicker and USB communicator.

The pen uses one battery to become a clicker and looks useful in hands. It has four minimalistic designed buttons, each with different basic functionality. The looks are a factor that sells this elegantly designed clicker.


  1. Elegant pen style design with independent buttons
  2. Comes with a very convenient bag.
  3. Rechargeable non-removable battery operated.
  4. USB communicator included inside USB clicker

6. Logitech Spotlight 910-004654 Advanced Presentation Remote

Logitech Spotlight 910-004654 Advanced Presentation Remote

Price- 8299 INR

This advanced machine from Logitech has features for advanced presentations. The clicker comes with its dedicated software to implement some extra functionalities in simple buttons.

You can see zoon into the aspects of the production to give a more detailed description of minute details. You can use its advanced lazar pointer to highlight parts of the presentation as well. The clicker is definitely worth all the expense you might spend into this.


  1. Durable and advanced machine designed by Logitech.
  2. Rechargeable with 3 month of battery life.
  3. Chargeable with a USB-C port in laptop or computer.
  4. Dedicated software operated clicker.

7. VIBOTON Wireless Presenter with Air Mouse

VIBOTON Wireless Presenter with Air Mouse

Price- 1599 INR

This clicker is relatively cheaper to the many expensive options listed but has similar functionalities. This device is an advanced presentation clicker with dedicated buttons that are programmable.


  1. Large remote like clicker with 300mAh battery.
  2. USB communicator with storage section included.
  3. Laser mouse clicker with precise controls.
  4. 20 meters range from connector

8. Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remote, 2.4 GHz

Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remote, 2.4 GHz

Price- 7899 INR

Logitech spotlight series of wireless clickers are great for stage presentation. You will have a lot of possibilities open to you with these clickers that maximize user engagement.

This device is a gold version of the same spotlight with over 30 meters of control allowance. The gold colour goes well with this clicker and can give you an elegant feel when held.


  1. Wireless spotlight clicker for stage presentation.
  2. Gold color design with attractive button placement.
  3. 30 meters range from connector.
  4. Comes with dedicated software for control flexibility.

9. Maxbell DSIT007 Rechargeable Wireless Laser Pointer

Maxbell DSIT007 Rechargeable Wireless Laser Pointer

Price- 1666 INR

This Maxbell rechargeable pen has a 300 MAH rechargeable battery feature which gives service for a few days at full charge.

You can use this clicker with your phone too as it has convertibility options to ease usage. The clicker has all the introductory presentation options available to change a few essential presentation options.


  1. Small but functional presentation clicker with large buttons.
  2. Limited control ability but good enough for small presentations.
  3. 300 MAH battery for an extended operation period.
  4. 2.4GHZ operation signal strength.

10. Maxbell Wireless Laser Powerpoint PPT Presenter

Maxbell Wireless Laser Powerpoint PPT Presenter

Price – 989 INR

This ring styled laser power-point presentation clicker has a small make to fit every finger that uses it.

With adjustable clips at the end, you can wear it on your ring to make the presentation easy. You do not need to hold this clicker like the other bigger ones.

It is also rechargeable to help you make the most out of its battery life.

All the buttons in this clicker are in a small space, so misclicks are something to be wary about.


  1. Ring styled presentation clicker to wear around your finger.
  2. Compact but ergonomic design with lightweight body
  3. Rechargeable and battery operated.
  4. Adjustable ring style design to fit a diverse range of fingers.


Each of these clickers has different strengths and weaknesses. Some provide excellent functionality but are very expensive. You might not need a costly clicker if you are not a regular presenter. But having a cheap clicker that is durable is very helpful for every office worker. The options are immense, but they depend on independent preference more than you might imagine.

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