Our top 3 CBD oils for cats

Introduction to our top 3 Canadian CBD oils for cats

When it comes to natural health supplements for cats, CBD is the way to go. With its recent legalization, CBD is now within easy reach and available in both physical and online pet stores. It is fully natural, effective for boosting the cat’s health, and safe for them. It’s a new year so lets find out what is the best oil for cats, in our opinion.

We have compiled the 3 best cbd oils for cats in Canada. For this, we considered the following factors:

1. Effectiveness of products – We carefully analyzed the reviews made by the customers of these products to see which cat illnesses the oils were able to treat, how long it takes to work, and more.

2. Ingredients in products – With the abundant forms and blends of CBD now sold, we should always review the specific contents included by the manufacturer to ensure that it is healthy for our cats. Because of this, we also analyzed the different ingredients they include from the blend.

3. Packaging of products – The packaging is important not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because it provides the instructions in using the oil. This is important as each company has a specific blend and there is no single measurement that can be used for all.

4. The company itself- The company are the people behind the products. How many times have you had an issue with a product and never got an answer from support? Once the sale is done they’re gone with your money and no answers. Find out why our top choice wowed us.

Our first choice – Furbabies cat oil

Furbabies uses a unique proprietary blend that mixes various plants in their blend to boost its cannabimimetic properties. This includes black pepper, rosemary, and echinacea, all of which contains terpenes which provide a lot of benefits for cats. These are mixed with MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride oil that is known to be healthy for cats’ gut and liver. Their oil can be purchased either with a natural or bacon flavor.

Many are praising the blend because of its fast-acting effects. This includes improving the condition of their skin by reducing inflammations and symptoms of allergy. It also relieves them of inflammations and pain brought by arthritis, pain for treatments for cancer, old age, and others. Cats that consume the blend have also been seen to be more relaxed and friendly towards their owner.

The product can be purchased in a 30mL bottle which contains 100 mg of their blend. The blend can also be used for animals of a similar size to the cat such as dogs of small breed and rabbits. This is because these animals all have an endocannabinoid system which allows them to get the benefits of the blend. We have found that the cats have the best response out of any product when using Furbabies, and we even do half doses as it is so good at it’s job.

On top of all this their company goes the extra mile, and then some. We have contacted them several times about dosages, timing, and just how to get our cat to take it without much fuss. And every single time we ask a question, they not only answer it but give us more information that helps us. They really go above and beyond, and you can see that with their support.

Our second choice – CBDNorth

CBDNorth consistently gets many reviews from many CBD users because of their dedication towards using high-quality ingredients, affordable pricing, and the variations that they offer. Their CBD oil for cats uses Wild Alaskan Salmon oil to make it more delicious and aromatic for them. This also gives the blend Omega 3 that makes it healthy for their heart. This blend is 100% free from THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which makes it easier to dose as side effects are less likely to be felt by the cat.

Customers rate the product excellently, with many saying that it greatly helped their senior cats to have their youthful energy back as the oil reduces their inflammations and pains in their joints. The CBD is also good for reducing the anxiety that they feel which then results in better sleep quality for them. Some also use it as a temporary fix in case their cats become anxious during the holidays or before they visit a veterinarian.

The oil comes in a 30mL bottle which contains 8.33 mg of CBD per liter. This also contains many instructions in dosing along with the contact information of the company for specific inquiries.

Our third choice – CBD Magic

CBD Magic is also a standout company because of their innovative take on CBD. They use the water-soluble CBD nanotechnology. Through this, the compound quickly reaches the bloodstream of the recipient which makes it take effect quickly.

CBD Magic has a high-quality of production that is proven by their use of organic and locally grown hemp. They are also lab tested by a third-party which monitored their manufacturing process.

CBD Magic uses the full-spectrum blend for their cat CBD oil. Through this, all the terpenes and other compounds in the hemp plant are added to the mix. This makes it more potent and effective for treating the various illnesses of cats. Many customers praised this blend by saying that it helped in relieving the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures for their pets. They also mix an all-natural bacon flavoring to make it more appetizing for cats.

Their packaging is excellent as it is simple yet has comprehensive instructions on how to use it. They advise giving up to 1 mL per day, with about 0.5 mL during the morning and another at night.

Conclusion to our top 3 Canadian CBD oils for cats

It is best to stick to a single CBD product to lessen the times that your cat’s body adjusts to it. Because of this, you must thoroughly do your research beforehand. Taking into consideration the blend, ingredients, and packaging, we recommend Furbabies for Canadians. Its unique formulation makes it more beneficial for your feline companions.

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