When to use CBD oil or CBD treats for your cat

Check out the differences between CBD Oil and CBD Treats for your cat in our easy to read guide. We have all the info you need.

Introduction to choosing the right CBD products for your cat

While everyday there seems to be a new or improved CBD product to hit the market it shouldn’t surprise anyone with what is now an option. However, there are times that you have to ask yourself , should I look at different ways to give my cat cbd or stay with the tried and tested options. This is why, even with new things on the market, many people find themselves going back to treats or oils as the easiest ways to get their cats to take CBD.

In this guide we will look at the different forms that are available, and their pros and cons of usage.

CBD Cat Oil

The first product is one of the oldest options for oils in the world. At some level they are essentially the oils of the source of CBD with a carrier oil. As CBD needs some fat to be transported efficiently , you will usually find the CBD in coconut oil or other options. There are a couple pros and cons to these types of CBD products. But overall the oils are pretty straight forward.

CBD Oil for cats pros

  • Easy to use, and can be added on top of treats or food
  • Usually have different flavor options, so finding one your cat likes is pretty likely
  • Easy to measure, so dosing the right amount is easy
  • Oil is absorbed quickly into their bodies

CBD Oil for cats cons

  • Takes a bit more work than treats to give to your cat
  • Is less portable than treats
  • The oils benefits are shorter in the body, because the oil is metabolized quickly

CBD Treats for cats

CBD cat treats were rolled out quickly after the success of the CBD oils. It was the next logical step in the ways to get CBD after the oils came out and saw success helping cats with their issues. While there are generally less companies that do CBD cat treats there still are many out there, so there are lots of choices if your cat doesn’t like the first one you try out.

CBD Cat treat pros

  • Easy to carry with you
  • Pre dosed per treat makes it easy to know how many you’ve given your cat
  • Less mess than oil
  • The benefits of physical hemp will be slower to breakdown

CBD Cat treat cons

  • Takes longer for the body to absorb
  • Sometimes can be more expensive compared to Oil on mg basis
  • Can add calories to diet if used as primary method so weight can can occur

Thoughts of CBD cat treats vs. CBD cat oils

So there you have the quick breakdown of the two main ways of getting your cats to take CBD oil. We use a combination of the two. That we get the benefits of the oil that gets quickly absorbed as well as the longer term benefits from the treats. If you have both as options in your life you truly are going to be getting the best of both worlds as far as products go.

Treats are great if you are heading out on a trip with your cat, but if you are using them at home it is probably best to try to get your cat to oil. But, at the end of the day it is whatever works best for you and your cat. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out our listings for the best cbd oils for cats in Canada.

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