Is hemp oil good for cats?  

Want to keep your cat safe and looking to use Hemp oil for your cats? Read our quick guide for all the info you need for your cat.

Introduction to Hemp oil safety for cats

Are you looking for a way to improve your cat’s wellbeing with a safe supplement? Hemp oil may be for you. It is fully natural and is recommended by a lot of satisfied owners who stand by its benefits and the ease of giving it. Check out how it works to see why it is very popular among many owners worldwide. 

What is hemp oil?

Hemp is in the same species as cannabis which is why it also has its beneficial effects. Because of this, many are afraid of using it in fear that it will cause their pets to become high.

The good news is that hemp is the plant used for pets because it is not psychoactive. It is not intoxicated and does not cause them to be dizzy or confused. It is also filled with a lot of nutritious vitamins, antioxidants, and more. 

In fact, before hemp was fully legalized to be used without prescriptions, its seed was already used by many. This oil was made for improving cardiovascular health. On the other hand, hemp oil, which is gathered from all parts of the plant.

Hemp oil benefits for cats

  • Lessening anxiety – It can help them manage their impulses and emotions better which makes them calmer and less aggressive. They will still be playful and energetic but are less likely to be destructive after receiving CBD.
  • Helping with seizures – Cats can suffer from seizures as a result of an inborn trait. While this is not lethal, it may still be exhausting for them. CBD can help with reducing its rate of occurrence and its intensity. 
  • Relieving chronic pain – Your cat may be suffering from pain brought by swollen joints, neurodegenerative disorders, and arthritis. CBD can help with making them less sensitive to pain which helps them relax. 

How can you give hemp oil to cats?

Hemp is usually extracted and mixed with oil. The oil may be olive, MCT, coconut, and others. This is then mixed with their food or fed orally. This liquid form is fast to travel in their system, allowing cats to get the benefits of cbd quickly.

Some companies also have CBD cats treats which are cookies or biscuits that are mixed with hemp oil. This is mixed with a flavor that they like such as seafood, beef, or chicken to make it more delicious for them.

Does hemp have side effects on cats? 

Hemp does not have any side effects as long as it is given with a proper dose. However, some cats are reported to become sleepier during the first week of giving the hemp which is mainly because they become more comfortable. Once they get used to doing it, they will be back to being energetic. 

As with anything, giving them too much of it can have side effects because of the other ingredients with it. For example, ingesting too much oil can irritate their stomach. They may also start vomiting if they do not digest it properly. 

Final thoughts on using Hemp oil on cats.

Hemp is a helpful supplement for cats as it can help lessen chronic pain and anxiety along with reducing the intensity of seizures. It can be given to them in oil or as CBD cat treats. It is safe for them as it is not psychoactive. 

If you are planning to buy it for your cat, consider the company which manufactured the product, the ingredients they use, and their packaging. 

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