Pawtanical for Cats Product Review

Introduction to Pawtanical for Cats Product Review

Natural health supplements can greatly help in keeping your cat always healthy. After all, they still need all the help they can get even if they are highly independent. Through supplements, you can help boost their natural self-healing abilities. Among the different ones used for cats, we recommend using hemp the most.

If you reside in Canada, you may be interested in trying Pawtanical with their options for cats. This company specializes in the use of hemp for both cats and dogs. Here, we review their products made for our feline companions to see its effectiveness, quality, packaging, and more.

Who is Pawtanicals?

Pawtanical follows a company philosophy that sees hemp as the future of pet’s health. Because of this, they have integrated it with various everyday products that they use, from shampoos, health supplement oils, and even leashes. They see pets as part of the family which can be seen by their dedication towards them with health and hygiene boosting products.

Pawtanical uses high-quality and locally sourced hemp. They advertise their manufacturing process to be straight from “farm to paw”. They also test the ingredients to ensure that it is human grade in quality.

With this dedication towards providing the best hemp for your pets, Pawtanical gets a good rating for us in terms of their reliability as a brand.

Pawtanical’s PawDaily Cat

While Pawtanical is marketed towards both dogs and cats, their only product for the latter is the PawDaily Cat. Their shampoo, Omega-3 supplement, treats, and more are strictly for dogs. Given that hemp oil provides an overall health boost for cats (for the heart, skin, liver, brain, etc), this shouldn’t be much of a problem for many cat owners.

The PawDaily Cat is a hemp oil that is advised to be given every day for them. It comes in a 30mL bottle which contains a total of 375 mg of their blend. For the average cat, a bottle should last for at least two weeks.

The hemp oil comes in a simple black packaging that tells you its contents, ingredients, and how to use it properly. We found the instructions easy to understand even for first-time users. The dropper included was also easy to use for measuring the dose and giving it to cats. The oil can be either dropped on their tongue, rubbed on their gums, or applied on the inner layers of their ears.

Ingredients of PawDaily Cat

The hemp oil uses a full spectrum blend. This means that it uses all of the contents of the hemp plant’s flowers, stalks, and leaves. Through this, the different phytonutrients, flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids will be given for the cat. The main benefit of this blend is that it promotes the “entourage effect” of the hemp plant.

The “entourage effect” is a unique trait of hemp plants that makes its benefits more effective if you use more of its contents at the same time. This is because of the chemical synergy that exists between these. Instead of only CBD, you can get access to other compounds that have anti-inflammatory, immune system boosting, and antioxidant properties.

This hemp is mixed with Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil as its carrier. Through this, the cat’s body easily absorbs its contents. This oil is also healthy to be consumed every day and has been seen to be a good source of energy, effective for reducing chances of getting heart diseases, and good for improving the brain’s functions.

These ingredients are tested and lab-certified to be free from insecticides and other toxic chemicals. The hemp they use also did not undergo any GMO treatments. Because of this, it is healthy to give to your cat every day.

What are the benefits of PawDaily Cat?

Now that we’ve seen the different ingredients of the oil, it is time to put this to the test to see its effectiveness.

Based on several owner’s experiences of using the oil, it is definitely effective for cats. First, it is good for reducing the anxiety that cats feel. This applies to all cats regardless of the source of their fears, may it be from being separated from their owners, loud noises, traveling, and others. Many say that it helped keep their cats calm and relaxed, yet still active and attentive to them. The oil also made them friendlier towards their owners and other cats.

PawDaily Cat has also been seen to be excellent for cats suffering from osteoarthritis. As their owners know, these cats tend to be stationary as they experience pain with every step that they take. After being given PawDaily Cat Hemp Oil, these cats were seen to be active once again which is mainly because the oil reduces swelling in their joints.

The hemp oil also provides an overall health boost for the cat. The relief from inflammations does not only apply to their joints as it can also be seen for felines who experience seasonal allergies, inflammations from wounds, and similar cases. These cats have also been observed to have better appetite and more consistent sleep patterns.

With all of these considered, we can definitely say that the PawDaily Cat Hemp Oil is a good choice. However, in our reviews we compare many different aspects of products from reviews, flavor options, value and other things. And for us we just find that there are better options.

Precautions in using PawDaily Cat

As with all hemp oils for cats, they may experience some very minor side effects during the first week of regularly giving it to them. This includes drowsiness and disorientation. This is a good sign that the oil is taking effect. To minimize these effects, it is best to introduce the oil slowly to them by giving half the dose during the beginning which you can then increase as they become more comfortable with it.

Be sure to match the dose with the cat’s weight and the intensity of their symptoms. A more accurate dosing guide can be seen in the packaging for this.

In case your cat is taking medicine for any of the symptoms we mentioned, it is best to ask your veterinarian if you can use hemp to ensure that there will be no contradicting effects for them.

Conclusion to Pawtanical for Cats Product Review

Pawtanical’s main offering for cats is the PawDaily Cat Hemp Oil. As we can see, it is an excellent choice as it uses a very good set of ingredients, comes with good packaging and instructions, and is effective for cats. With the brand’s dedication towards providing only the best for our pets, it is safe to say that you are in good hands when you purchase their products which is why we recommend them.

But as mentioned before, while it is a good product we feel that there are just better options out there. We have also done a Pawtanical review for their dog oils, and while again it was ok it just didn’t help with the issues we were encountering. Even though the milligram amount was higher it just didn’t reduce seizures to the same level that we had seen with other products.

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