Who is Pawtanicals?

Pawtanical offers a wide variety of hemp products for cats. Check out what makes the brand stand out in our quick review.

Introduction to Pawtanicals

Cats are the cuddliest and cutest when they are healthy. After all, they only start snuggling and curling next to their owners if they are free from any sort of pain. These happy days make all our efforts in keeping them healthy worth it.

However, they may experience some health problems that felines naturally get. It can be from environmental, age, or genetic reasons. This includes chronic pain, anxiety, and more.

If you want an all-natural way of keeping them free from this, we recommend using hemp. One of the best companies in Canada for this is Pawtanical. We will discuss more about the company and their products here to guide you if you plan to use this all-natural supplement for your feline companion.

Who is Pawtanical?

Pawtanical aims to be one of the best Canadian companies for pet hemp. They strive to follow this by using the best quality of ingredients that is effective and safe for everyday consumption.

Their company philosophy is that our cats should not just be simply pets, but also part of the family. Because of this, they believe that we should ensure that their health is always kept at peak levels. After all, even if cats are naturally independent and self-healing, their bodies will appreciate having something that further boosts it. With hemp, they can receive relief from symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, and more.

Pawtanical’s Full Spectrum Hemp Blend

One of the defining traits of the company is that they use a full spectrum blend. This means that it incorporates all of the contents of the hemp plant including its cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and more. These are then mixed with MCT oil to serve as its carrier. This blend is especially good for cats as it is the most effective and potent blend.

There is also no need to worry about any potential side effects. After all, even if the oil contains some traces of THC, it is required by regulation to be less than 0.3%. This means that it is not psychoactive for your cat. This makes their blend safe for daily consumption.

Pawtanical’s guarantee

Pawtanical ensures pet owners that their ingredients are human grade. According to them, they wouldn’t mix anything in their oils that they themselves cannot consume. Along with this promise are certifications which prove that their manufacturing process was monitored. Their hemp is also free from insecticides and GMO. It is also locally grown and manufactured to ensure the best quality and sustainability.

Pawtality products for cats

Pawtality’s main product for cats is the PawDaily Cat. This is an oil that you can give to your cat via oral consumption, rubbing it on their gums, or applying it on the insides of their ears.

Conclusion to who is Pawtanical

Pawtanical is a pet hemp company from Canada. They specialize in using the full spectrum blend for hemp, with their main product for cats being the PawDaily Cat. We recommend the company because of their dedication towards a high-quality of ingredients that is safe for our pets. If you are looking for an all-natural route towards wellness for your cats, we recommend checking their products out. If you have a dog as well you might want to check out Pawtanical for their dog specific products as well.

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