Apawthecary Bacon-Flavored CBD Oil

Apawthecary was a great maker of products for pets. Check out our review of their bacon-flavored CBD oil based on effects, and packaging.

Introduction to Apawthecary bacon flavored oil review

CBD is not just a pet wellness trend, as it is proven to be effective and is supported by much research. One of the best ways to give it to your pet is through CBD oil made for your dog.

One of the standout ones we’ve seen is Apawthecary’s Bacon-Flavored CBD oil.

Who was Apawthecary?

Apawthecary was a Canadian company that released CBD products for pets. They are known for ensuring that each product is thoroughly researched. They’ve taken 1.5 years before releasing each one, which shows dedication for effectiveness. Their team is made up of veterinarians and pet experts, too. Because of this, they’ve received many positive reviews from satisfied customers.

The sad thing is that if you were like me and loved their products there probably came a day when you couldn’t find your beloved product. We had that moment and were wondering What happened to Apawthecary pets, only to find out that they had been closed down. But don’t worry as we have found a product that is just as good, if not better than theirs. We will leave a link to that at the bottom of the article.

Apawthecary Packaging

Apawthecary’s oils came in three flavors which were including bacon, seafood, and unflavored.

The bacon flavor is notable for its brown packaging and pet-friendly flavor. We liked its smell because it does not feel synthetic at all. It also masks the grassy flavor usually attributed to CBD, making it very friendly for pets. Our pug is a picky little one, so sometimes it is hard to get her to take medications, or oils. However, this has not been an issue at all with either the Seafood or Bacon flavored oils.

It comes in a 30 mL bottle, which can last for about a month for regular consumption. It comes with its own dropper, which is easy to use for measuring the dose and for dropping its contents.

The packaging comes with adequate instructions for controlling its dose. Here, it explains that you should introduce it slowly to your pet, and raise its dose later depending on your their weight. This makes it user-friendly and great for beginners.

Benefits of using Apawthecary oils

The best part about the oil is its effects on your pet. With regular consumption, they can get many benefits, such as:

1. Reduced stress

One of CBD oil’s best benefits is in lessening the stress experienced by your pet. It has been seen as a potential anxiolytic as it can make them more relaxed. This results in less destructive behaviors and better sleep quality for them. This also makes the oil handy whenever they will be brought to an event that can easily stress them, such as a party or a trip outside.

2. Lessens inflammations and allergies

There are two main types of inflammation that CBD can help with. The first is an external one, so on the skin. This is usually coming from wounds and allergic reaction can be lessened by applying a balm directly to the skin. This can help improve the healing rate of wounds and lessen skin itching. Next, it can also lessen body inflammation, specifically in the gut, to make it work more effectively. With both of these, your pet can be more comfortable.

3. Addresses symptoms of arthritis

Apawthecary’s Bacon CBD Oil is especially recommended for elderly pets who suffer from arthritis. As owners know, the disease can cause frequent swelling and pain for these pets. Through regular consumption, they can feel less pain and can be more at ease.

4. Other benefits

Many customers have also observed the oil to be effective for making their pet livelier and friendlier. This can be attributed to them feeling less stress and body pain, which any owner will appreciate.

5. Our Personal favorite was dealing with seizures with their oil

While no one other than pharmaceutical companies will state that their products are meant to reduce seizure many people have found this to be the case when using CBD or Hemp oils. And for us this was the breakthrough that helped our little one live a lot better. If you want to find out more information on how CBD can help dogs with seizures, make sure you read our full article there.

The oil is fast acting too, with its effects seen in as quick as a 3 days or a week of regular consumption. Be sure to follow its dosing guide in relation to your pet’s weight to be sure, though.

Potential side-effects of CBD use for dogs

As with any supplements, too much of it can also cause side effects. Specifically, the manufacturer advises users that the oil can be ineffective when taken alongside ringworm medication Ketoconazole.

Giving them too much of it can cause them to lose energy and become sleepier. It can also irritate their bowel as oil is complex to digest. If you are worried about if your dog can overdose on CBD or not, just read our full article to find out why you don’t need to be as concerned as with other things.

Conclusion to Apawthecary Bacon-Flavored CBD Oil

Apawthecary’s Bacon-Flavored CBD Oil is very recommendable because it is the perfect blend of good flavor and effectiveness. It is easy to administer because of its well-made dropper and the adequate instructions provided in the packaging. Through it, your pet can get relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

However, Apawthecary has officially ceased their operations, which is why this product is no longer in stock. If you were a regular consumer of their products, we recommend trying out Furbabies. They also offer effective CBD products for dogs that have great flavors and packaging.

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