Pawtanical PawDaily Medium (1050 mg) review

We review Pawtanical PawDaily Medium 1050 mg cbd oil. Find out what we thought of it in our real life testing and how it compared to others

Introduction to our story with PawDaily

A little while ago , after APawtheCary shut down we were suddenly in a pinch for our medicated oil needs. As we had originally found the product in a local pet store we went back to that same store to see other options. Without APawtheCary available we asked what else was an option, and that is where we first bought PawDaily. So away we went with our new medicated oil product to try out.

Our experience with Pawtanicals

So we arrive home and break open the new bottle. We reduce the dosage as the previous bottle came in at 120mgs versus the 1050mg that Pawtanical had inside. Generally when trying out a new product we don’t look for changes for the first two or three days. This way we know the other product is out of the system. So for the first two days we just continued with the dosages that they suggest. Which is 1/4 of a dropper two times a day.

Unfortunately, we did see an increase in seizures. So we increased the dosage on day 3, to their medical amount which is 1 full dropper twice a day. We still continued to see seizures and irritation that would precede a seizure.

At this point we raised the dosage again to a half a dropper every two hours. Yet, we still didn’t see any reduction in symptoms that we had grown accustomed to. So for some reason, whether it is their blend, or something out of our control we just couldn’t reduce the seizures. At this point we had to look into other products. As seeing our little one have seizures just isn’t something that we can live with.

Product breakdown for Pawtanical Medium 1050 mg

First things first, the bottles themselves. While we can understand that the black bottle would protect against UV degradation, it did have some drawbacks. Although matte black is a sleek and nice shade for most products it wasn’t beneficial for us. The truth is that while it did look nice on the counter, we weren’t able to see how much oil was left inside.

I do see that they do offer white bottles now for their other products which would probably be better. The black just didn’t help us when we were trying to figure out how much was left. This is important for us, because if we are about halfway down our last bottle we need to order more. Going without is just not an option for us.

The taste of the product was apparently good. We can’t tell you about the flavor as we don’t actually drink the oils. But for our dog she had no issue with it at all and ate it on her treats. As each dog has a different taste palate we can’t say it will be the right one for you. However, for us there was no issue with the taste!

They use MCT oil as a delivery liquid for their CBD which seems to be the industry standard. This is a great choice for a couple reasons. The first is that coconut oil really helps her skin and coat. The second is that it is easy for the dogs to eat. We previously had given her coconut oil for her coat and she loved it!

The medicated aspect of this product comes from organically grown Canadian Hemp. The blend is a full spectrum blend which we had previously seen a good response with. As each plant can give different benefits it is really hard to pinpoint what their blend has or what it could be missing. As this is part of their “secret sauce” it is just hard to say why it didn’t work for us. This does not mean that it wouldn’t work for you, just in our case it didn’t work.

Final thoughts on Pawtanical CBD 1050 mg

Pawtanical was the third brand of CBD oil that we tried when APawtheCary went away. Initially, we were excited because the price of around $65 for 1050 mg’s. This initially had us thinking it would save us some money. This is because the previous bottles we were using were around 120 mgs, and about $30.

However, after we tried it out for a couple of days we just weren’t able to get the response we had in the past. Again, as each pet is different it isn’t to say that they are higher or lower quality of products. But based on our experience we just couldn’t see a feasible way to make it work for our little one. If you have ever seen someone, or a pet, having a seizure you know that it isn’t good. We just couldn’t continue with it after the first couple of days.

When we give the oil we can see the impact pretty much within 20 minutes. We did give it a couple of days, I believe 4 or 5 in total. But we just didn’t see any reduction in seizures, especially when compared to other products.

In full disclosure, we did not continue upping the dosage for their suggested couple of weeks. We just can’t stand the episodes that our little one goes through when she has a seizure. However, in our experience we find that the oil will generally work or it won’t. You you will see it pretty much right away when you give your little one oil.

We did give it a couple of days to see if it would build up or even out. It just never did reduce her issues. This is why for our situation with seizures in our little dog we wouldn’t suggest using Pawtanical. If you are looking for places to get cbd oil for dogs in Canada, make sure you check around our site. We will continue to update it with more and more information as quickly as we can!

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