FurBabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve review

We take look at Furbabies Ruff Skin salve. This salve is easy to apply and reduced a lot of issues we encountered. Read our review today.


If left alone, the hot spots on your dogs would lead to a bigger problem down the line. That’s why whenever you notice its appearance, you should immediately try to heal it and prevent the hot spots from spreading even further. To do that, you’d need to visit your trusted vets and ask for medicine.

Unfortunately, prescribed medicine won’t always be able to help. As such, you should be prepared to look into other alternatives as well. And that’s where Furbabies comes in. With their Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve, your beloved dogs would be free from hot spots.

Who is FurBabies?

Furbabies is a company that specializes in creating supplements and products that could help treat various issues your pet might have. From food supplements to medicinal ointment, Furbabies have numerous products. They are all designed to improve your beloved pet’s overall health condition.

Furbabies is a company that is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They are one of the rising companies that focus on the development of products based to treat issues in pets. But unlike other companies, Furbabies put extra care on their products. They always try to improve upon the already versatile formulation through their meticulous research and vast experience in the field.

What is Furbabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve

Furbabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve is a natural and organic remedy for your dog’s hot spots, wounds, abrasions, and even for acne. This medicine was made to make it easier for you to give it to your dogs.

These products also contain Rosemary extract, coconut oil, Beeswax, chamomile oil, and numerous other ingredients. All of this compound combined makes it possible for Furbabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve to kill the bad bacteria and prevent infections while healing the wound at the same time.

How to use Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve

As mentioned before, Furbabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve was created in the form of a cream. As such, the way to use it is relatively the same with other kinds of creams that you have in your house. The whole process is rather straightforward and easy to do.

First, take an ample amount of Furbabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve. Then, you need to gently administer it to all the hotspots on your dogs. Be sure to do it carefully and right at the needed area. Remember to only give as needed. Too much cream won’t translate into a faster nor better healing period.

Benefits of using Furbabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve

Reduces redness & pain in the sore spot. Their formulation is be able to help not only with the treatment of various skin, muscle, and joint problems, but it could also shorten the time it takes for the ailments to heal. The anti-inflammatory properties from their salve would significantly reduce the redness and pain.

Soothing & fast-acting relief. Because of the other compounds that Furbabies mixed in with their product, particularly the Rosemary extract and chamomile oil, you’d be sure to get a soothing fragrance when you use the cream. What’s more, the Medicated Healing Salve will also take effect in a relatively short amount of time.

Easy to use. If you use other products, such as the oral drops, just giving it to your dogs might be a challenge. But with Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve, you only need to take the cream with your finger, and apply it to the problematic area.

Made from natural & organic ingredients. More often than not, there will be unwanted side effects when you give prescription medicine to your dogs. But as you can see from the brief ingredients list in the previous section, Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve was created from 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Can also be used on itchy, flaking or dry skin spots. If you’re worried about applying the Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve onto the itchy, flaking or dry skin spots of your dogs, then you don’t have to worry. Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve is safe to use on those sensitive areas.

Benefits of purchasing from Furbabies

Excellent customer support. When you purchase any products from Furbabies and there’s something that you don’t understand. That is that their customer support team is ready to help you 24/7. Unlike other companies that go silent after the sale Furbabies is always there to help. They have the highest quality of guidance out of any company I have interacted with.

Fast shipping. With Furbabies, as soon as your payment has been verified, you can expect the products to be shipped as soon as possible. Granted, there are numerous variables that would determine how long a product would arrive in your hand. But you can expect Furbabies to quickly process your order as soon as they get it.

Affordable. Compared to other similar products that you can find in the market right now, Furbabies is a great value. But when it comes to the quality, you can expect Furbabies’s products to perform as well as anyone else. This is one of those cases where you don’t have to sacrifice quality for a great price.

Other products from Furbabies

Other than Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve, Furbabies also has numerous other products based on their experiancet. They have medicated oil and medicated treats. And you can expect more products from them in the future.

Furbabies created their products mainly to fulfill the needs of dogs, cats, and horses. They have numerous plant-based products for those three animals. But they actually said that their products could be given to other kinds of animals as well. As long as it is a member of the vertebrates family, then their products should work. We have done a review of Furbabies Oral drops for dogs, and we love them.


Hot spots on your dogs may only look like something of a simple nuisance at first. But if you don’t treat it as soon as possible, then it would turn into something serious and your dogs would end up suffering. But prescription medicines from a vet won’t always work. For such instances, you should look into Furbabies products.

Pug dogs are notorious for easily getting skin issues. With their smushy face and folds it can easily go from a small bump to infection if not dealt with right away. We really like the ability to reach for this cream to get rid of a lot of the irritation that can occur.

One of them is called Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve by Furbabies. This Vancouver-based company has countless satisfied customers. This is due to the high quality of their products that are guaranteed to help your dogs. And with excellent support and affordable price tags, you and your dog will be very happy!

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