NuLeaf Canada Pet CBD oil quick review

We review NuLeaf Naturals CBD product line, which looks to be very impressive. Find out who this product is great for in our full line review.

Introduction to our NuLeaf Canada Review

We just completed a review a bit ago about the options that NuLeaf has, but realized that it was not for the NuLeaf Canada version. For that we apologize as it doesn’t make much sense for us to be talking about products for Canadian pets, and pet owners, while looking at their USA facing products and site.

So in this review we will take a look at their product options for Canadians who would like to get some CBD for their pets.

So who is NuLeaf?

The very first thing we need to clarify is who exactly are we talking about. The company, and site we are looking at is , for all references going forward we will call them NuLeaf. As it is easier to write that than NuLeaf Canada.

Now why you might want to know are we making that distinction, well that is because there is also a USA facing site, at . So while they might look similar, as far as we can tell they are not connected. The amount of CBD per serving is different, the USA site did not provide a direct link to the Canadian site, and there was not really any page describing who they were on the Canadian site.

For complete clarity this review will be about NuLeaf Canada and if you are looking for the other one you can check out our other NuLeaf CBD for Dogs review by clicking that link.

NuLeaf Products

Now that we have that out of the way we can finally look at what NuLeaf offers to Canadian. What we can do is take a look at their cbd base, because it appears that all use the same base just with different concentrations. Here is their certificate of analysis which shows the breakdown of the makeup of their product:

So one thing that we always talk about is having faith in what a company provides and a certificate of analysis does kind of pull the curtains back, so to say. It shows what is in their provided sample at that time. The one really impressive thing is that in this certificate you can see that they are providing not CBD, but a full spectrum.

This is because NuLeaf uses USDA certified Organic hemp oil. And their blend uses a Full Spectrum CBD blend for dogs . We have gone over the benefits of Full Spectrum versus Broad Spectrum CBD for dogs , and we really like Full Spectrum for our own situation and generally suggest looking for this blend of CBD for your dog. The reason is that it has the widest net of possibly fixing the issues your dog is having. Like in fishing, you want to start with the biggest net, and if you can really figure out exactly what is needed you can look at Isolate or Broad Spectrum but as a starting point Full Spectrum is our suggestion.

Nuleaf Canada 725mg CBD (15ml) Bottle

The first product that NuLeaf has on their site is this bottle of CBD for pets. And while we have provided, just as they did, their certificate of analysis it looks to be the same for all their products. The one thing that is interesting , and isn’t usually common, is that this bottle comes in 15 ML. We generally see the bottle size at around 30 ML. This isn’t good or bad, just somewhat unique. We will discuss why this could be a bit later.

Nuleaf Canada XP 1450mg CBD (15ml) Bottle

The next bottle is the same size, ML wise, but is basically doubling the CBD in the bottle. So this just means that there will be less of the carrier oil and more of the active ingredients in them. We are sad to say that there are no images available from their site about the bottle or container or we’d put these up.

Nuleaf Canada 1450mg CBD (30ml) Bottle

So this is the next size up, which is basically twice as much carrier oil as the previous version. We can see that the previous two options has the XP added to it, as where this one does not. So we assume it is the more potent form, which could be good. Again we will go into this later.

Nuleaf Canada XP 2900mg CBD (30ml) Bottle

This is the final product that they offer, and again we see the XP labelling applied. This is a pretty high level of CBD , as 2900 mg is just simply a lot of cbd. Although we wouldn’t suggest this at all for a first time user, there are times where this dose could be useful. However, these would be times that you would want to be talking to your vet specifically about the dosing and amounts.

NuLeaf Canada dosing

As we just touched on, these products look to be very pure and pretty strong. But that doesn’t mean they are bad at all, just that they should be used with a plan and goal in mind. We wouldn’t suggest using these products as your introduction to CBD for your pets, just due to the amount of CBD in them. So if you are thinking you might want you try out CBD for your dogs, we would have to say that there are probably better baby steps to take into CBD.

We finally realized, mid review what the XP means. This was actually an oversight but us until we looked at their label. The XP , or at least we think it does, stands for Extra Potent. So again, it is a high level of CBD per ML.

And again, this is not to say that it is a bad product, or doesn’t have its uses. However, it is something like waking up one day and realizing you want to get in shape after 10 years on the couch. And that day you sign up for a marathon. Again, not a bad thing just not something that we would suggest doing ha ha.

Potential drawbacks with NuLeafs products

As mentioned before , these products look like they are meant for people who are using CBD with a plan. Mega dosing for specific reasons or other medical plans would be things you could be using their products for. And for that these could be a great fit.

So, dosing amounts aside the only thing that we could also see as a drawback is that there is a lack of flavoring. If you are like me, and have a picky dog, then this would be a no go. As CBD can have a distinct earthy taste, that dogs don’t usually like, so getting your dog to ingest it might be harder. NuLeaf suggests putting the oil below their tongue, but if you have given your dog a medicine before you know this can be hard. You might get lucky the first time, but as soon as that dropper comes out they might be off to the races.

Overall thoughts of NuLeaf CBD oil for dogs

It is unique to see a company that has such specific products for specific uses. Most people are coming out with different flavors, or variations, or other spins on how to get your dog to take CBD oils. However, NuLeaf is transparent in what they are putting in their mixes, as well as their doses. However, as great as their products are they are not for everyone. As mentioned in their product breakdown, they have a pretty specific use.

If you are working with your vet and need to have high doses of CBD then this might be a perfect fit for you. But if this is , for lack of a better words, your first rodeo we wouldn’t say that this is the right product for you. From the dosage amount, to the lack of flavorings, it might make your first steps into using CBD for your dog a bit harder than it has to be.

You can take a look at our 2022 CBD oils for Dogs in Canada rankings a this page if you would like some more user friendly options.

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