Apawthecary CBM Pet Oral Drops Bacon Flavor Review

We do a full review of Apawthecary’s Bacon-flavored oral drops to see how good it was and what happened to Apawthecary

Introduction to Apawthecary

Is your dog suffering from constant anxiety, pain, and digestion problems? One of the safest and effective products for this are CBM drops. CBM, which stands for cannabis-based medicine, is made up naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant, especially in the Carmagnola variety.

It has a lot of benefits for the dog’s body such as improving their metabolism, making them more resistant to diabetes, and reducing inflammation. Because of this, it has been good for improving the overall health of the dog and helping make them more active. It has even been seen to improve their immune system and make them less likely to have cancer.

Who is Apawthecary?

Apawthecary Pets is a company based in Canada that takes pride in the research and development they provide to their products that took 1.5 years before being released for public consumption. They are recommended by many pet owners who give very positive reviews. Their products are also veterinarian approved and are safe for dogs. Finally, they provide many information and guides for first-time users to tell them about what their oil drops contain, how to give it properly, and more.

Apawthecary CBM Pet Oral Drops Bacon Flavor

Their oral drops come in three flavors: unflavored, seafood flavored, and bacon flavored. We tested the bacon flavored and found it to be very recommendable.

The oral drops come from hemp which contains a lot of cannabinoids that are known for their various health benefits. They use a blend that allows all the healthy contents of the plant to be included in the mix to make it healthier. Even with this, they thoroughly avoid putting any THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in these to ensure that it will be safe for dogs.

These are mixed with MCT or medium-chain triglyceride oil which serves as the base. This is recommendable for dogs because it can be easily digested by their stomachs. It also comes with a lot of benefits for them such as reduction of inflammation and being healthy for their heart even if consumed regularly.

bottles of apawthecary cbd oil


Their oral drops come in a 30ML bottle. It is colored brown to signify its bacon flavor. It comes with its own dropper which you will use to measure the dose that you will give to your dog. For example, half of a dropper is recommended once a day for small breeds. Larger breeds can receive one and a half of this.

The instructions provided by Apawthecary tells users that they recommend the dose to be administered very slowly for dogs. This is to allow their body to be familiar with it first given its complex formulation. Because of this, give them half a dropper at most during the first week. Then, you can increase it later in case you have not noticed its effects yet.

We can definitely see the effort that the company has put in ensuring that the dropper can easily measure out the dose.

Possible risks

Apawthecary has a mild formulation which many dogs can easily get familiar with. If you accidentally give them too much, they may experience minor side effects. One of the most common ones is sleepiness and lethargy. In case this happens, simply reduce the amount you give them.

Other side-effects include bowel irritation (because of the amount of oil they eat) and vomiting. Because of this, it is important to give the product very slowly at first to allow them to adjust. The truth is that the side effects would be very low if you follow their suggestions.

Quality of Apawthecary bacon flavored blend.

The Apawthecary bacon flavoring of the oral drops was aromatic and smelled natural. It is free from any chemical smell. Because of this, our dogs were easily attracted to it. This is because they use all-natural ingredients which are human grade. These are also free from allergens.

Upon observation, we found it effective within days of regular use. Dogs become much more energetic and become friendlier even to strangers. This can be attributed to them being relieved from pain. These can also be from their mood and anxiety being improved.

According to the company, an interaction with the CBM to be expected is if the dog is on ringworm medication, specifically ketoconazole. This can make the oral drops ineffective for dogs. So far, this is the only medicine which the manufacturer has warned about. Still, it is best to get the recommendation of a veterinarian in case your dog is getting medication for other diseases.

How do I give CBD to my dog?

CBD oral drops are given directly to their mouth. Simply hold their chin steadily and make them open their mouth. Keep in mind that you can only do this to dogs who completely trust you. In case this is not the case, you may try putting it in their food in the meantime or mixing it in their favorite treat.

As stated above, we recommend you administer it regularly, with the dose increasing depending on the dog’s response to it. Some owners also up the dose when the dogs will be brought in environments which make them stressed such as parties and other occasions. This is because they will be exposed to loud noises and bright lights which can easily stress them.

Final thoughts on APawtheCary bacon flavored CBD

Apawthecary’s CBM Pet Oral Drops Bacon Flavored are very excellent and largely advisable for any dog given its fast effects, its good quality of blend, and its packaging. With regular use, symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, and more can be lessened. Its boost for your dog’s health can be seen within days of using it. It is safe to use because it does not contain allergens and is free from THC.

If you have read over our story as to how we started our journey with these products you will see that we loved apawthecary pets. But the bad news it that they had to shut down. Do not worry though as we have found even better options in our quest to find something that stops seizures in our dog. We did have to try a bunch of different ones in order to get there, but the truth is that now that we have found that Furbabies was the best at stopping seizures for our puppy, we would never look anywhere else.

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