Can CBD help relieve cat’s arthritis?

Cat arthritis is common with aging pets. Check out how CBD can be used to relieve its symptoms, its other benefits, and potential risks

Introduction to helping cats with arthritis with CBD

Arthritis in cats is very common, especially for aging ones. It pertains to the degeneration of their joints which only becomes worse with time. With arthritis, the soft tissues that surround their joints slowly wear down which results in more friction whenever they move their body parts. This causes chronic pain that makes it painful even when simply walking. Knowing how agile cats are and how much they jump from high counters, trees, and more, arthritis can greatly affect their lifestyle.

Risk of using CBD on cats.

As stated above, older cats are the most susceptible to arthritis. This even becomes worse if they are overweight as the joints must constantly support a great deal of weight. Sometimes, the disease can also come even while they are young and continue to be worse as they grow older.

How do I know if my cat has arthritis?

Cats aren’t very expressive when it comes to pain. When they have a disease, they tend to simply isolate themselves and rest for long hours. However, given that we expect cats to be able to climb high counters and move fast, you can easily spot signs of arthritis if you notice them limping or moving slower than before. They can even become lazier. Cats may have a hard time climbing stairs, playing with other cats, and may sleep more.

What is CBD?

CBD oil is a health booster that can be used by both humans and cats. It has been a very popular product ever since the loosening of restrictions against cannabis in 2018 in the United States. Since then, it has reached more than a hundred million dollars in sales which are just expected to rise further. This is mainly because of the abundance of praise given to it by satisfied owners who have seen their pets become healthier when taking it.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It comes from the hemp plant which is a variation of cannabis sativa. It gives most of the benefits that have been attributed to cannabis such as relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and more. What makes it so popular is the fact that it has no side-effects. It does not cause humans nor cats to feel “high” as it does not have any psychoactive properties. Because of this, it can be taken regularly by many.

How does CBD relieve feline arthritis?

CBD can relieve arthritis by boosting the endocannabinoid or ECS’ function. The latter is a part of the body present in both humans and cats which has been recently discovered by scientists (in the 1990s). Its main function is to regulate various body systems. One of its main functions is to regulate the central nervous system which includes the brain, its nerve cells, and more.

By taking CBD, the functions of ECS are boosted. The ECS can then send receptors towards the central nervous system to lessen inflammation in the body. Given that most of the pain caused by arthritis can be traced to inflammations, CBD can help relieve its symptoms.

Aside from this, it can also lessen any chronic pain felt by cats. This can make them much more comfortable.

CBD also has a lot of other benefits. It can be used for lessening anxiety felt by cats which can make them friendlier and more at ease. Next, it can help improve their appetite. Other benefits include protection from neurodegenerative disorders, regulating their sleep, and boosting their immune system.

As we can see, CBD gives an overall health boost. Relieving the symptoms of arthritis is just one of many of its benefits.

Risks to cats when using CBD products.

CBD has no known side effects for cats even if they accidentally overdose it. Still, it is important to give them the proper dosage. This can be determined by reading the packaging. Usually, the dosage will depend on their weight.

CBD can be given in oil form. This comes with a dropper. Dose is determined by counting how many drops you will give them.

It is important for owners to know that arthritis is a disease of the joints which means that it needs to be treated with medicine directly made for it. CBD can greatly help in lessening its symptoms, but it is not a direct medicine for it. Consulting a veterinarian should still be a priority.

Final thoughts on using CBD for cats with arthritis.

CBD can greatly help with the symptoms of feline arthritis. It can lessen the inflammation of their joints and lessen any chronic pain they may be feeling. Its other benefits include improving appetite, relieving them from anxiety, and more.

It can be administered through oil form, included in treats, and a couple other ways that we go over on the site.

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