Who is Furbabies and are they good?

We take a look at furbabies and their products and how they can help cats with the various issues they might have.

Introduction to Who is Furbabies

When it comes to health products for our cats, we want only the best for them. Cats are naturally independent creatures, they may still easily get diseases and illnesses that can lower the quality of their life. One of the best ways to ensure that their health is always maintained properly is by giving them hemp.

When giving hemp for your cat, it is best to stick to a single company or product line. This is so that their bodies only need to adjust the product once. Because of this, you must put full effort in researching the various ingredients and blends. For Canadian users, we recommend using Furbabies the most.

Who is Furbabies?

Even though Furbabies is a new company, the team behind it is composed of pet care experts who have a combined 46 years of experience. They are passionate about their products and have dedicated years of research before launching their products. Through this, they have created a unique proprietary blend that they create using various cannabimimetic plants. This includes the likes of rosemary, black pepper, and echinacea, all of which are mixed with hemp terpene oil. While this may sound like too many, it is actually better this way. This is because they have more cannabimimetics makes the blend much more effective for treating your cat’s symptoms.

Furbabies prioritizes customer satisfaction the most out of any company we have interacted with. They provide a lot of communication channels for customers to reach them. Which helps if you have any questions about their different products. They are always open for private inquiries of curious customers who have unique questions about their products. They can be contacted through their email or through their contact number.

Aside from this, they also have a lot of guides available on their website. Through this, you can read more about how their products are dosed properly, its different variations, its ingredients, and more. First-time users can learn more about how hemp should be given for their cats.

Furbabies ensures that their ingredients are of the best quality by sourcing them from the best local suppliers. They then develop and manufacture this themselves. The company has multiple certifications and memberships which prove the high quality of their products. This includes those from APPA, PIJAC, and GMP.

As we can see, the company prioritizes both guiding customers and providing the best quality of ingredients which we liked a lot. They also have positive customer reviews which gave high scores for their product’s effectiveness and their companies’ responsiveness to inquiries.

What are Furbabies’ products for cats?

Furbabies’ main product for cats is the Furbabies pet oral drops. Here, their proprietary blend is mixed with MCT oil as its carrier which allows it to be easily absorbed into their bloodstream. Through this, the blend is able to work within 30 minutes to an hour of giving it.

Their oral drops can be given to cats in multiple ways depending on which is most convenient for both the pet and the owner. The most popular way is by putting it on top of their tongue. Next, some also recommend putting the drops below their tongue for it to enter their body through the sublingual gland which makes it work faster. Some users also recommend rubbing this on their ears and gums as this gives it easy access to their bloodstream. Whatever the method is, just make sure that both you and your cat are not stressed when giving the oral drops to be sure that it will go smoothly.

The oral drops are available in 30mL bottles which contain a total of 100mg of the blend. Because cats are carnivores, they might not like the grassy smell of the blend. This is ok as you can give them the bacon-flavored variety if your cat is picky. You will not have problems in getting them to take it as the taste has never been an issue with our tests.

Next, they also have a skin salve for cats named Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve. This is made for improving the speed of healing of skin issues that your cats may have. This includes issues like wounds, abrasions, acnes, hot spots, and sores. This contains several natural medicines for dermal issues including hypericum, chamomile, calendula, Vitamin E, beeswax, and rosemary. This is simply applied on their skin to serve as a way for reducing its inflammation and for protecting it against microorganisms.

Why are Furbabies’ products great for your cat?

We recommend Furbabies a lot because of the effectiveness of their products. Their oral drops have consistently been praised by many customers to be greatly helpful in treating various issues of their cat. For example, it has been seen to alleviate the chronic pains and inflammations of cats who are experiencing arthritis. The oral drops can also be used for those who have undergone surgeries and chemotherapy treatments as it can lessen their pain. Many also observe their cats to be less anxious and friendlier towards their owners when given the oral drops.

The skin salve is also known to work quickly. Many cats who experience allergies during specific seasons greatly benefit from this. Naturally curious ones who are fond of leaving the house for hours per day can also be given this on spots where they frequently get scars and wounds to serve as protection. With this salve, their skin becomes free of inflammation and bacteria.

As we mentioned above, their dedication towards ensuring that users are completely knowledgeable about their products can be seen with their packaging and their website. Upon contacting them, you can get details about proper dosing specifically for your cat’s issues.

Their packaging is also excellently made because this has a clean yet colorful design that tells you about its dose, its contents, and instructions on how it is used. The oral drops came with its own dropper that is easy for measuring and giving the oil for cats.

Final thoughts on Furbabies

Furbabies is one of the best companies for hemp products that helps cats. They have a unique blend that mixes various cannabinoids. Their blend is aromatic and delicious for our feline companions. Even though they are new in the market, they stand out because of their 46 years of experience. This knowledge can be seen with their ingredients, packaging, and customer support. Many of their customers also agree with us as can be seen in the reviews on their products.

For cats, we recommend using their pet oral drops to relieve them of the symptoms of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and body inflammations. We also recommend their skin salve for treating various issues in the skin. With Furbabies’ expertise and well-reviewed blends, your cat’s issues will be treated in no time.

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