CBD oil for dogs in Canada

Looking for the best CBD for your dogs in Canada? Find out who, and why, we thought the products reviewed were so good.

Introduction to CBD oil for dogs in Canada

In the world of pets health and fitness, new health supplements come and go everyday. Some products will achieve a decent popularity while others will fade into obscurity. There will always be something new to replace the latest fads.

But things seemed a bit different when CBD oil for pets arrived for the masses. It takes time for people to recognize the value that it has to offer. But its popularity is gradually increasing as time goes by. Until finally it has taken the world by storm. But rather than slowing down, the demand keeps on soaring high.

So what actually is CBD oil? Why do so many pet owners can’t seem to get enough of it? What can CBD oil do for your dogs? This brief article will answer all of these important questions for you. And if you live in Canada and are looking for the best dog treats, make sure to keep reading till the end cause there’s a great recommendation for you.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main active compounds that can be found inside cannabis. It can also be found in its subclass plants, such as hemp and marijuana. CBD is a member of the family of compounds called cannabinoids. Another active cannabinoid compound is called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

When you consume cannabis or any of its subclass plants, there will be an unmistakable feeling of calm rushing over you. That is the effect of CBD. You will also get the feeling of “high” at the same time. That is the THC. While CBD is found to be highly beneficial for both humans and animals, THC is the opposite. It can be good for the body in small amounts, but anything above 0.3% of THC is not recommended.

There are different extraction methods that can be used to get only the CBD out of cannabis. But the most popular and recommended method is by using CO2. Once extracted, what you will get is something called CBD oil. This is the end product that can be used directly by both humans and animals.

How does CBD oil work on Dogs?

CBD oil works in a relatively the same way for both humans and animals. It will bind itself to the Endocannabinoid System inside of our body and gain temporal influence over our nervous system. But the effects of CBD are not limited to only the nervous system.

Other parts of our body can feel the effects of CBD as well. After all, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a neural network that spans across our whole body. ECS works through its CB1 and CB2 receptors. And those receptors are the things that CBD will connect to.

CBD can present all sorts of effects to our body once it binds itself to the CB receptors. Scientists always work to find any potential new benefits that we can get from CBD. But one thing for sure, they conclude that CBD is perfectly safe to use by both humans and animals. We’ll talk more about these effects in the next section.

What can CBD oil do for dogs?

● Reducing anxiety. As mentioned before, CBD acts predominantly in the nervous system. And its signature effect is to make you feel calm and relaxed. As such, one of the natural and best applications of CBD oil is as a way to reduce anxiety. Just a few drops of CBD oil can certainly calm your dogs down.

● Treating epilepsy. One of the serious ailments that CBD can help with is epilepsy in dogs. Due to its connection to the ECS, CBD can tremendously help with the treatment of epilepsy. That is true for other kinds of seizures as well. While CBD can’t totally cure your dogs from their epilepsy, it can significantly reduce the intensity of the seizures.

● Regulating appetite. Another interesting effect of CBD happens in the digestive system. CBD has the ability to decrease your dog’s appetite. This is particularly useful if you have overweight dogs or have trouble due to their weight. Research has even found that CBD is a great solution for weight loss.

● Other beneficial effects. There are some other beneficial effects that you can get from CBD. Such as dealing with joint and muscle problems, acting as a potent painkiller, and it can even stimulate hair growth. Not only that, taking CBD oil regularly can improve your dog’s overall health as well.

Furbabies hemp oil for dogs

So now that you know that CBD oil is great for your dogs, it’s time for a recommendation. Furbabies is a company from Vancouver, Canada, that has been making great hemp oil for years now. But before we talk more about Furbabies, let’s talk about hemp oil first.

So what is hemp oil? Is it just another name for CBD oil? Well, both hemp oil and CBD oil used to refer to the same thing. But nowadays, hemp oil refers to the oil that was made by cold pressing the hemp seed. While CBD oil comes from the extraction process on hemp leaves, stalks, and flowers.

The main benefits of hemp oil is the fact that it has other essential ingredients in it. Hemp oil from Furbabies in particular contains Omega 3, Omega 6, MCT oil, cannabimimetics, etc. All of these can highly boost your dog’s overall health.

And if you’re attracted to any particular benefits of CBD that we talked about before, then don’t worry. Because hemp oil can give your dogs the same benefits. It may not be to the same extent of CBD, but the other ingredients certainly make up for that.

Furbabies offer two different flavors of hemp oil for your dogs, which is bacon and natural flavors. All available for dogs of all kinds of breeds and sizes.

Although it might make the most sense for Bacon to be the default choice, there have actually been some users who say their dogs prefer the natural version better. For our little one she can’t get enough of the Bacon version, to the point that she thinks it is a treat. And the easier it is to get her to take the oil, the better her ( and our ) days will generally be.

Conclusion to CBD oil for dogs in Canada

CBD oil comes from hemp and it works through the Endocannabinoid System in your dog’s body. That is why it can offer so many benefits, such as reducing anxiety, regulating appetite, etc. If you live in Canada, hemp oil from Furbabies is a great introduction to hemp-based products for your dogs.

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