Holistapet CBD for Dogs Review

We look at the CBD and hemp products that HolistaPet offers. Find out if they are a good choice in our overview.

Introduction to Holistapet CBD for Dogs Review

Holistapet is one of the most popular names in the pet CBD industry nowadays. This is because of their holistic and all-natural approach to reducing your pet’s discomforts. Their representatives have over 25 years of experience in producing organic products, and are directly partnered with Colorado hemp farms to get the best quality of CBD. After 12 years of continued research and experiments, they’ve created their CBD oil for dogs which is engineered to relieve them of many symptoms.

Holistapet’s CBD contains human-grade ingredients and is effective for many dogs. We found the company’s dedication to providing transparency in their ingredients and in guiding users impressive, too. If you’re looking for a mid-priced broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs, Holistapets’ CBD is a good choice.

HolistaPets Packaging

The oil comes with a simple packaging that is mainly earth-toned in color. It shows important information, such as the oil’s contents, dosaging, and benefits well. Its dropper is easy to use and to measure the oil with. Overall, we found its packaging well-done.

HolistaPets CBD oil

When it comes to CBD, there is no single formula that every manufacturer follows. Because of this, we paid extra attention to the different ingredients mixed in Holistapet’s CBD oil for dogs.

First, their oil uses hemp seed oil as its carrier. Although it also comes from hemp, this was legalized before CBD oil itself as it doesn’t contain any traces of THC. Hemp seed oil has long been used for its Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid content, which are great for improving cardiovascular health. Not to mention, mixing different parts of hemp together can also potentially improve its overall benefit, which is why this oil is a very great choice as a carrier.

Next, the oil uses broad spectrum CBD. This means that it contains all the elements of the hemp plant minus THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. While it makes it less potent, it guarantees that your dog gets reduced side effects in case you accidentally give them too much. This form of CBD activates the “entourage effect” of hemp, making it more beneficial for your dog.

We like how they ensure the oil’s safety by using only materials that are free from GMO, gluten, and dairy. It also does not have harmful additives or artificial preservatives. Through this, the oil is ensured to be safe for most dogs.

HolistaPets CBD Benefits

Upon testing, and based also from what many customers have testified to, the oil works quickly (within the first week of administering it). It has many of the benefits of CBD.

First, your dog will become more related and calm. Through this, it becomes a good product to give prior to visiting an event that can potentially stress them, such as a party or an outdoor picnic. Many have also observed their dogs to be more playful and easy to get along with. Finally, they also have better sleep due to having less everyday stress.

Many have also observed their dogs to have less issues with digestion and chronic pains. Because of the latter, it is an excellent choice for dogs suffering from arthritis or inflammations of the body.

As with any CBD oil, they’ve also received some complaints about the oil being ineffective for their pets. Fortunately, these are only a minority among the reviews we’ve seen, which is why we’ve overall been satisfied with the oil’s effectiveness.

Factors to consider

What we also liked about Holistapets is their dedication to proving the quality of their oil. First, all of their products are proven safe by an independent lab, with the Certificate of Authority (COA) results available through their website. This makes you feel more at ease for giving the product daily to your dogs.

They also used gold-standard carbon dioxide methods to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. Through this, its contents are not damaged, and it becomes more effective for your dog.

You can also depend on them through their 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t find any differences in your pet, you can simply contact them to get your money back. Through this, you will feel more comfortable in trusting them.

Finally, we like how information-filled both their packaging and website is. Here, you can see how the product should be given in relation to your dog’s weight and symptoms experienced.

In case you are having difficulty in giving the oil to your pet, we recommend trying out their CBD dog treats. These are divided into three depending on their benefits, including: Calming, Joint & Mobility, and Heart & Immune.

HolistaPet Pros

– Effective for treating dog’s symptoms

– Well-made packaging and instructions

– High-quality ingredients

– Has certifications of quality

HolistaPet Cons

– Does not ship to Canada

Prices are higher than comparable , even if they did ship to Canada

Summary on HolistaPets cbd oils for dogs

Holistapet’s CBD oil for dogs is a very good choice for daily use. Its effects are quick to be seen, and its composition is of topnotch quality. We also don’t have complaints about its packaging. With all of this considered, they are definitely recommended for anyone looking for a broad-spectrum CBD. Also, check out their treats in case your dog prefers this.

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