Is hemp good or bad for cats?

Wondering if Hemp is good or bad for your cats? Find out the benefits and risks of using cbd and hemp with your cats today.

Introduction to hemps use with cats

Cats are known to be highly independent and capable of living on their own. While this makes them an easy pet to have, it may also result in owners missing signs of possible issues. After all, they respond differently when sick. Some become more vocal while some become more isolated. Whatever the issue is, us owners need to do our best to ensure that they will be protected from diseases in the future.

One of the most popular health supplements for cats nowadays is hemp. Here, we simplify what this plant is and what it can do for your cat.

Can you use the Hemp plant with cats?

Hemp is a specific type of the Cannabis plant that is chosen specifically for medicinal use. While its legalization took some time, it has actually been used for decades already in the textile, clothing, and painting industry.

What makes hemp so beneficial is its cannabidiol or CBD content. CBD is a compound that boosts the endocannabinoid system or ECS of whoever consumes it. ECS is a body system found in cats, dogs, humans, and horses. This system plays a big part in ensuring that our bodily functions remain stable.

Although you might be thinking how am I going to get a cat to eat a hemp plant, don’t worry we have you covered. There are a lot of different options that make it easier to give your cat the benefits of hemp, but easier than getting them to eat the plant. This includes options like cat hemp treats, and cat hemp oil.

How is hemp good for cats?

Specifically, CBD has been seen to directly benefit cats by:

Relieving anxiety in cats

There has been much evidence which shows that CBD has anxiolytic properties. In other words, it can be good for calming down cats by helping keep their mood stable and relaxed. Because of this, some owners specifically give hemp when they anticipate an event that could potentially stress their cat. This could be when they are planning to have a loud party, fireworks, or if they bring a new pet in the house.

Reducing pain in cats

Hemp is also good for reducing the cat’s sensitivity to pain. This is great for those who have been diagnosed with arthritis or any disease that causes chronic pain whenever they move. Because of this, they become more active. They will also have a better quality of sleep. The most common issue that hemp has been seen to help with is with arthritic cats. Many people swear by using cbd for cats with arthritis.

Hemp for cats that have seizures

Some cats experience seizures as a result of epilepsy (sudden bouts of electrical activity in their brain) or exhaustion. Hemp has been seen to be a good supplement for reducing the occurrence and intensity of these as it relaxes their muscles and interacts with receptors in their brain.  

As we can see, hemp is an amazing health supplement that can greatly help cats, especially those suffering from the symptoms we listed above. Aside from this, it can also help improve the quality of their fur, make them friendlier, improve their cardiovascular health, and improve their metabolism.

Are there downsides to using hemp for cats?

Hemp specifically made for cats does not pose any dangers for them. However, keep in mind that it mainly comes in oil form. When you give too much of this, their stomach may have a hard time processing it as oil is more complex compared to other types of food. This may result in vomiting and stomach irritation. Because of this, we advise sticking to the recommended dose provided by the manufacturer in the product’s label.

Final thoughts on using Hemp for your cats

Hemp is good for cats as it provides a lot of benefits without any catches. With proper administration and dosing, your cat will transform into a healthier and more relaxed pet.

To start your journey to using hemp, check out the different forms and flavors of hemp to see which one best fit you and your cat’s preferences. With this, you will get the best benefits and value from using this amazing health supplement.

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