Pawtanical CBD Dog product review 2022

We take a look at the entire product line of Pawtanical to see what they can offer your furry family members

Introduction to Pawtanicals for Dogs

Hemp is an amazing plant for boosting not just your health, but also your dog’s. It has been researched and developed to be safe to use every day. If you want a fully natural and effective way for freeing your dog from the symptoms of pain, anxiety, arthritis, and more, we recommend giving them hemp.

For those who reside in Canada, you may be interested in checking out Pawtanical. Here, we review Pawtanicals company’s different products for dogs to check its effectiveness, packaging, customer reviews, and more.

Who is Pawtanicals?

Pawtanicals believes in the potential of hemp to be the next big thing when it comes to healthcare for pets which is why they dedicated research to maximize its potential.

They apply this on their products through various ways. First, they only use the ingredients of the best quality. The hemp they use is locally grown and free from harmful chemicals. The company is also lab-certified to follow good manufacturing practices.

Next, the company also ensures that everything they make for pets is usable for humans. This guarantee is supported by their team of scientists, pet experts, and owners.

Finally, all of their products which use hemp oil use the full spectrum blend. This means that it incorporates all of the compounds found in the hemp plant such as the different cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Through this, there will be more synergy between them to give it higher potency and effectiveness.

Pawtanical Product reviews

Pawtanicals has a wide variety of different products on the market and can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. We take a quick look at all the different products they have out , how to use it, and generally what we thought of them. At the end of the article we give our hands on review , but for now let’s take a look at their entire product line in our full Pawtanicals review.


PawDaily is their hemp oil that you can give to your dog in various ways such as:

  • Mixing it with their food
  • Dropping it on top or under their tongue (sublingual glands)
  • Rubbing it on their gums
  • Putting it on treats

PawDaily contains their full spectrum hemp blend mixed with Medium Chain Triglyceride or MCT oil as its carrier. This is made from coconut and is known to be good for the dog’s energy, heart health, and digestion.

PawDaily customer reviews

PawDaily is praised by many customers for being very effective for treating various symptoms felt by dogs. The most consistent one is that it helps in making their dogs become more energetic and friendlier. They wag their tails more, approach humans easily, and are always ready for playtime.

PawDaily benefits

It also helps in relieving the chronic pain and muscle swelling that many older dogs have as a result of neurodegenerative disorders and osteoarthritis. This gives them more energy for exercising.

PawDaily has also been seen to reduce anxiety in dogs. This is especially for those who instantly howl or bark when separated from their owners (separation anxiety). This also helps in improving their sleep quality and making them less aggressive towards other pets in the household.

For those who want to try using it first, we recommend the PawDaily Kickstart which has a mild potency of 375mg. It lasts for up to 2 weeks, at decent sized dosages a couple times a day, and is good for testing the product for your dog. Although it might be under dosed per ml you can use additional product. We find that this is a good way to test out a product, but not break the bank before you see how your pet responds to it.

If you do find that it is helping then you can then choose one of the four variations of the product which depends on your dog’s size. These includes:

  1. PawDaily Small (650 mg) – for dogs who are not heavier than 20lbs
  2. PawDaily Large (2150 mg) – for dogs within 50-80 lbs
  3. PawDaily X-Large – for dogs 80lbs above

Pawsitive Reinforcement Dog Treats

They also have hemp-infused dog treats that are available in two variations.

Pawtanicals Full Plant Phyto-Treats

The first is the Full Plant Phyto-Treats that are made for improving your dog’s joint and muscle condition. This is made possible with the use of collage, curcumin, MSM, and magnesium which makes it very effective for those with osteoarthritis and for older ones. It is also slowly baked and crunchy to make it good for removing plaque and tartar in their teeth.

Pawtanicals Full Spectrum Health Treats

The other one is the Full Spectrum Health Treats that is made for improving your dog’s skin and coat, heart health, lessen their anxiety, and reduce inflammation in their muscle. This is mixed with hemp seed oil to make it more effective for your dog.

The dog treats come in three flavors: pumpkin & cinnamon, cheese & bacon, and peanut butter & banana. These flavors smell nice and are generally easily eaten by pets. We can see this in their user Pawtanical reviews. Many say that their dogs’ tails instantly wag once they catch a smell of these treats. They see it as a happy part of their day, and because of this, it can be an effective tool for training them. Through this, their behavior improves, and their health is also benefited at the same time.

Pawtanical products for your dog’s coat and nose health

Pawtanicals sPaw review

For their hair, you can use the sPaw shampoo and conditioner for bathing them and the sPaw Leave-in Shampoo for keeping them clean even outdoors. This shampoo is made with multiple benefits such as getting rid of pests, bacteria, and seborrhea. The nice thing about the shampoo is that it is PH balanced. While that might not mean a lot, it means that your dogs skin won’t be overly dry due to the shampoo. The shampoo is infused with lavender and chamomile to make it good for improving their skin’s health. Its other contents include hemp seed oil, oat protein, cedarwood, and peppermint.

We have been using this one for a while and it is a great cleaning product, easy to use, and has a nice non aggressive smell. It is one of the better shampoos we have used.

Pawtanical Sniff & Shake Balm

To protect your dog’s nose and paw from allergy, cracking, and drying, you can also use Pawtanical Sniff & Shake balm. This is mixed with coconut oil, shea butter, butter, candelilla, and soy wax. It is good both for protection and moisturizing.

It seems like the people who used this product real liked its aroma and long-lasting effects.

Thoughts on Pawtanicals and their products

As we can see, Pawtanical uses hemp for holistic dog health by both boosting their health and keeping them hygienic. These are praised by many to be effective and helpful for their canine companions which is why we recommend them. To make things easier, you can purchase the Pawtanical Starter Pack which contains a shampoo, conditioner, leash, dog treat, and hemp oil to jumpstart your journey to using hemp for your dog.

Hands on review of Pawtanicals , why didn’t it work?

We did try Pawtanicals in our search to fix/help with the issues of our little one having seizures. And try as much as we did, we just didn’t get the results from Pawtanicals that made it worthwhile to continue using. Now you might be asking why they get such a good review if it didn’t work for us. And the truth is that they have a lot of happy customers by the looks of the reviews. As CBD has many, many, MANY, variables in it what might work for one person might not work for another. If they had all negative reviews, or obviously faked reviews, we would be inclined to state that the product isn’t good.

But when we look at products we have to look at the bigger picture. So while it didn’t work for us, it might work for you. Some dogs respond differently to different blends and products. It wouldn’t be fair for us to just say it is a terrible product, just because it didn’t work for us. Rather, it makes more sense for us to say it didn’t work for us but it does appear to have worked for other people.

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