Spruce Dog CBD Oil Review


CBD products are not just for humans. Nowadays, many companies have created versions that are just effective for dogs. These can be administered in oil, dog treat, pill, or salve form. If you are planning to purchase it for your dog, we recommend you to analyze the best reviewed ones in the market. In this review we will look at Spruce CBD oil , which while primarily for humans there is an option for dogs.

Who is Spruce CBD?

Spruce is an American company specializing in the use of CBD. They offer these for both pets and humans. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in North Carolina. Their products have been featured in multiple media outlets like Forbes and Men’s Journal.

Spruce Dog CBD Oil

The company has a special bottle of their CBD oil made for dogs. It is made to produce less oil per drop as dogs are advised to get a lower dose of CBD. It comes with its own dropper that we found to be well-made because of its comfortable grip that made it easy to control the dose.

One of our favorite parts about Spruce is the packaging that they use that is reminiscent of minimalist art deco. It stands out as it is aesthetically pleasing yet easy to read at the same time.

Each bottle contains 750 mg of oil. It has an all-natural smell of hemp reminiscent of grass that is freshly cut which makes it calming for dogs.

Blend of Spruce Dog CBD Oil

Spruce uses full-spectrum blends for all their products including this one. This blend allows it to be more potent and effective in providing health benefits for dogs. This is because it incorporates all of the elements found in the hemp plant which gives the entourage effect. Through the latter, cannabis supplements become more effective.

Included in the blend are the hemp terpenes and flavonoids found in the plant. These can reduce inflammations in the body, remove free radicals, and improve the immune system.

Users should take note that this also means that it contains a very low level of THC (below 0.3). The reason why it is minimized so much is because it can be psychoactive at high levels. With its almost insignificant level, the entourage effect of cannabis will still be felt, giving your dog its health benefits without the “high” usually seen in recreational cannabis.

How is Spruce Dog CBD oil given?

Spruce Dog CBD Oil is advised to be used once or twice every day. To help your dog in adapting to CBD for regular consumption, we advise giving it very slowly. Start by giving one drop per day for the first week. Slowly increase this until you finally observe that their symptoms are improving.

It can be applied by dropping it under the tongue where the sublingual membrane is found. Through this, CBD reaches the bloodstream faster. It can also be dropped on their tongue or mixed with their food.

Other ingredients of Spruce Dog CBD Oil

The CBD is contained in organic coconut MCT oil which is known to be easily digested by the dog’s stomach. It can also benefit the heart and the immune system. This may be the only ingredient you need to watch out for in case your dog is allergic to coconuts.


With its use of a full-spectrum blend, the effectiveness of the oil is guaranteed. Within hours of taking this, the dog will get a lot of benefits.

  • Less pain – Many dogs suffer from pain brought by swollen joints, inflammations in the skin, or diseases of the nerves. This causes them to constantly feel pain and experience it when moving. In the worst cases, this can cause them to be lazier which then causes them to get more health issues later. Spruce’s CBD oil can help in lessening their sensitivity to pain and reducing the inflammation of their body.
  • Less intensity and occurrence of seizures – For dogs who suffer from epilepsy, CBD can help in relaxing their muscles and making its attacks less violent. Through this, they will experience less exhaustion afterwards. It also reduces the chance of making them bump their limbs while having an attack.
  • Reduce anxiety – CBD can help in making dogs calmer. This can help dogs suffering from separation anxiety to become calm even if their owners leave the house. This can also help in helping a new dog adjust to a new home especially if they are a rescue dog.

Not so positive things about Spruce CBD oil for dogs

While the product does have the possibility to help with the above mentioned issues there was a drawback. That is that there is only one strength for dogs which is 750 mg of CBD per bottle. While this is a little bit higher of a dose than we would usually see dogs trying CBD at it is still within the realm of use for larger dogs. Again, you can always give them more or less oil to keep the cbd levels within reason. But we find with higher mgs per ml, it can be harder to dose. With a higher level each drop has more mg, and realistically it shouldn’t be an issue.

The other thing that was lacking as far as choices go was the ability to choose a flavored option. As it seems like they only have one product for dogs, we are unsure if it will expand to include flavored options. Some dogs are very picky and it is not fun buying a product to only find out your dog won’t take it.

The final drawback to Spruce is their price. While it isn’t an astronomical price, at $89 USD it is pretty high. There is an option for recurring shipments which will reduce it a bit. But we just think that at almost $110 CAD there are better options both for flavors, as well as getting a higher value out of your purchases.

Spruce Dog CBD oil Customer Reviews

It has received a perfect score of 5 based on 36 reviews on its website.

One of the reviews said that it helped in relieving pain for their Great Pyrenees dogs who were suffering from congenital problems and injuries. It also helped in lessening vomiting and stomach irritation for their dogs.

Many also said that it was excellent in helping older dogs be relieved of the symptoms of arthritis. Those who used to have issues when walking became more comfortable to move around after regularly being given CBD.

There are also no complaints about its dose which makes the product very safe to use constantly.

Spruce CBD oil Shipping

Spruce ships to 50 states in the USA. However, they are not legally allowed to ship it to other countries because CBD is still considered under the same category as recreational cannabis (because of outdated regulations). Because of this, it cannot be shipped to countries even if CBD is legal there such as Canada.


Spruce’s Dog CBD oil is a good choice for those looking for a full-spectrum oil that can be administered for dogs. Their CBD blend is effective and works within hours of giving it. As it is quickly absorbed it can help dogs by lessening pain, anxiety, and seizures.

While Spruce has great ingredients, there does leave a little to the imagination for choices. As they only have one bottle, and it is a bit pricey, it might be an expensive lesson to see if it works or not. We also didn’t see any mention of options for flavors, so again, if you have a picky dog it might be an expensive test.

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