What happened to Apawthecary pets?

Apawthecary cbd oil was one of our favorite products, but now you can't get it. Find out why and what you can use instead in our article


As you may, or may not have read about our story we first were introduced to medicated oils for our little one who was suffering from seizures. As we were very new to the whole CBD oil craze we just went to our local pet store. Once there we said that we had heard CBD oil can help with seizures; so wanted to give it a try. The two brands that were suggested were PawTanical as well as APawtheCary pets.

Right away I knew it had to be APawthecary because it came in bacon flavor. If I was a dog I’d choose bacon flavored anything as soon as that option was available. So we bought our first bottle and went home.

Thoughts on APawtheCarypets oils

As soon as the lid came off of the bottle I could smell the rich bacon scent. I knew if I could smell it then my little one would probably love it. Even if she was missing a true nose due to her pug face, I could tell she was interested. We started at the very low end of the dosage suggestion. This is due to my paranoia about anything that I give her. She hasn’t had the best luck with genetics so I almost am waiting for a bad reaction whenever we try something .

Thankfully this wasn’t the case. As soon as I put some of the oil on her treats she pounced. She is very food motivated but the speed at which she ate the treats was very impressive. So we were good with the taste not being an issue, and now we wait for… a lack of seizures?

Effects of APawtheCary bacon flavored oil

Being new to any type of natural medicine I found myself skeptical. It is really hard to know what is going on inside of a dogs head if it isn’t excited or in pain. Some of the times they’re just hanging out, could be happy, could also be hungry. So I waited, and waited and waited. And in all honesty there was no change to her at all. She is usually a low energy dog, so this wasn’t out of the ordinary.

But as I waited I was somewhat expecting something amazing to happen. The thing that I didn’t realize is that it wouldn’t be an amazing thing happening. It would be a lack of a seizure which would be amazing. Because there are no real triggers for her seizures it is usually randomly happening. That meant that the lack of seizure could mean the oil is working, or it could mean that there was no seizure. It was very hard to determine if I was happy or exactly what I was expecting out of the oil.

Finally, after the third day of no seizures I was satisfied that I could attribute this to the oils. So we continued using the same dosages and just monitored when the seizures would happen, and look at the timing and the amounts of the oil given. Eventually we settled on every two hours and a minimal dose, as suggested by the packaging.

Great we know that Apawthecary oil works now what?

So now that I was settled on the thought that the oil worked well for her seizures I ended up talking with the company. I realized that I would very quickly be going through bottles so I would rather buy a bunch at a time . I could’ve tried a higher dosed oil, but felt that if this one was working then why mess with a good thing.

As I reached out to them I was really impressed with the quality of customer support. Not only they want to know what was going on, but everything that I had tried as well. Their interest was in getting the best results for my little one, regardless of the product. I struck up a conversation with their reps and they had suggestions about dosing, and were honestly very helpful. It is not often that companies will continue supporting a product after the sale. So I began to order a lot from them, as I loved their oil and the lack of seizures made everyones lives better.

Where did APawthecary go?

One day I realized I was going to be running a bit low on oil, so it was time to do another order. However, to my confusion the familiar page that used to have their site on it was nowhere to be found. I did a search on the internet to see if there was information as to where they went, nothing. I looked through their social media posts, nothing. At this point I am really starting to freak out. Their oil was the only thing that kept my little one as seizure free as possible.

My next step was to find every single bottle of oil out there and buy it. The store said they weren’t able to get any more product, but had no clues why. They thought maybe it was some issue with their distributor . So I had to go online and buy every bottle from every store I could. This is where I was introduced to their seafood flavor!

So now I have bottles to last for a month, but then what?

Talking with APawthecary

Eventually I received a message, advising that they were closed. They must have head the sadness in my voice, as the only thing that could work was now gone. So after the bottles I had were done I was forced to look for alternatives. I will put reviews up of all those other products as well, as I think it is good to pass along my findings for anyone looking for info about CBD and their dogs.

But there is a bright side!

So I continued to watch my supply dwindle, as I was cutting it with other products to make it last longer but found in the long run all they did was water down my precious , previous APawthecary oil.

I was looking online and found that there was a new place selling an oil that reminded me of Apawthecary. This oil was sold from Furbabies. A) I loved the name, and B) I am willing to try anything for my little one to avoid seizures so I said why not.

I got my first bottle and it was like finding that first bottle of bacon flavored oil all over again. Right away I didn’t know what to expect, but it performed as good ( if not better than APawTheCary ) so I am a happy guy, and my little one … well she was happy she didn’t have any more seizures.

Looking for Apawthecary

If you are trying to find out where Apawthecary went, then I would just suggest buying your product from Furbabies. The stock from A Paw The Cary will be old now and you want to have the best chance of success when it comes to trying out these oils. The benefits are right on their site: all natural, no meat, and mixed by people with experience.

I have tested out over 10 different brands of medicated oil in Canada, and can say that none of the others even came close. There were some that I tried that I couldn’t even notice a difference between using the oil and not using it.

CBD is such a buzzword and has a lot of hype these days. That is generally what happens when something new and helpful to the world comes out. But there also comes a lot of people trying to make a quick buck on these trends. I fell into it and spent over $2000 on oils that in all honesty I couldn’t tell what was in them, if they worked, or if I just bought the most expensive liquid coconut oil in the world.

Final thoughts on APawTheCary

I look back very fondly with my time using their products. The customer service and support that their company gave to me was some of the best I have encountered in my life. It was truly a sad day to find out that APawTheCary was closed.

But like all things, when one ends that means there will be a new beginning. And for that I am thankful as FurBabies has matched , and maybe even exceeded what I had experienced in the past.

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