Who is Pawtanical and what CBD do they offer?

Pawtanical has a lot of different CBD products for pets. We look into who they are, what they offer, and their products in our review.

Introduction to Pawtanical

In our journeys to find the best CBD products one company that has caught our eye. This company is Pawtanicals which has a vast collection of products for both cats and dogs. Their products come in various forms such as oils, shampoos, conditioners, and more. While we have reviewed Pawtanical products and didn’t see the results we expected we have seen a lot of positive reviews online. Although it didn’t work for us it could still be a benefit to your pets, but we would suggest you take a look at the best Canadian CBD products for dogs in our review section.

Pawtanical Products

The company specializes in the use of natural ingredients. We can see this applied in various ways in their products. Here are the majority of their products:


pawdaily box

PawDaily is their CBD oil. It is made with a full-spectrum blend which means that it incorporates all parts of the hemp plant. To make this safe for pets, its THC levels are not higher than 0.3%. The oil aims to provide the following benefits:

  • Calming pets, especially those with separation anxiety
  • Reduction of joint and muscle pain
  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy especially for older dogs

Their blend has hemp oil mixed with Medium Chain Triglyceride or MCT oil which is a form of coconut oil. This carrier oil that is easily absorbed by pets’ livers and generally doesn’t have a bad taste. Because of this oil the CBD gets into their bloodstream faster which then makes its benefits appear quicker. Other contents include plant nutrients, hemp terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols found in hemp.

The oil can be used as a general health boosting supplement or as part of the treatment for any symptom they are experiencing. Currently, this has three versions:

1)     PawDaily Kickstart – This contains 375 mg of hemp with a net volume of 30mL. It is made for those who want to try using CBD first to see what its effects for their pets are.

2)     PawDaily Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large – Its hemp content is listed respectively: 650 mg (0-20 lbs), 1050 mg (20-50 lbs), 2150 mg (50-80 lbs), and 3150 mg (80+ lbs). All of these have a net volume of 30 mL. It is recommended for dogs.

3)     PawDaily Cat – This contains 375 mg of hemp with a net volume of 30mL.

As we can see, the Kickstart and the Cat blend has the lowest intensity and seems to be very similar except by name. For the PawDaily for dogs, users are recommended to accurately know their weight to match them with the correct intensity.

Pawtality Antioxidant & Omega-3 Oil for Dogs

This blend is made as a general health supplement. The antioxidant properties allow it to remove free radicals in the dog’s body. The contents include black cumin seed oil, hemp seed oil, and MCT oil, all of which are good for the dog’s heart. Its benefits include:

  • Improving skin and coat
  • Relief from allergy symptoms
  • Reduction of pain
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduction of the symptoms of alopecia, dry skin, and eczema

Pawsitive Reinforcement Full Spectrum Health Treats

Not every dog loves to take CBD oil unfortunately. And if your dog is not comfortable with CBD oil, you can instead give them hemp treats which Pawtanical offers . This is simply CBD mixed with a chewable treat and with natural flavorings to make it crunchier and more delicious for them. Some even use it as behavioral reinforcement rewards for dogs being trained. By using these products both their behavior and their health are improved.

Its oil is made from the hemp’s seed, leaves, and stalks. This has the same benefits as with PawDaily.

Pawsitive Reinforcement Full Plant Phyto Treats

Although this does not contain hemp, it still has its own proprietary blend made from curcumin, magnesium, collagen, and more. Through this, your dog can benefit from increased energy, improved digestion, and healthier skin.

Pawtanical Starter Pack

This is a pack containing all their best-selling products which includes the CBD oil, pet treats, shampoo, conditioner, and their collar and leash.

Pawtanicals other CBD and hemp products

Pawtanical also uses hemp to create dog leashes and collars that are eye-catching and durable at the same time. They also have an all-natural dog shampoo and conditioner.

Here, we can see that they do not let any part of the hemp plant go to waste as they use its seeds, plants, and stalks to broaden their catalog.

Pawtanical Quality guarantee

Pawtanical aims to provide high-quality products by ensuring that their ingredients are all human-grade. Also, their plants are also certified to be free from pesticides and toxic chemicals as proven by third-party lab certifications. In complete transparency, we did not contact them when we didn’t get the results we were looking for with our little one. Her seizures didn’t decrease in occurrences or duration, so we did have to move onto the next product. While we love testing out products , the only reason we do it is to give our pug the best life she can have.

Pawtanical Reviews

Their products are well-reviewed by many customers. Many say that their oils and treats were effective in treating their pets’ symptoms. Also , they complimented the company’s good customer service which answered to inquiries and delivery-related issues quickly. We have done a full review on Pawtanicals CBD product, which you should read if you are interested in find out our experiences with the oil.

Final thoughts on Pawtanical

Pawtanical is a Canadian company which offers oils, shampoo, health supplements, and treats for both dogs and cats. They are known for their high-quality and human-grade ingredients along with reliable customer service which are must-haves for these companies. While many people do love their products, we have found that our favorite cbd treats for dogs still goes to Furbabies.

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