The best CBD oils for dogs in Canada for 2022

We have reviewed a lot of products to find the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada for 2022. Save time and money and look at our rankings.

Introduction to the best CBD products in Canada

CBD oil is one of the most popular and effective supplements for both humans and our pets. This is especially seen to be effective for alleviating various symptoms in dogs.

With CBD, dogs can be relieved of the symptoms of the following:

  • Anxiety, either general or because of separation from owner
  • Chronic pain as a result of arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, and more
  • Epilepsies and seizures

First discovered in 1940, CBD has been continuously researched to be used strictly for medicinal purposes. Those available nowadays are completely safe to be taken every day. It also does not have psychoactive effects which means that it does not make your dog “high”.

CBD is approved by the World Health Organization, veterinarians, and various researchers to be beneficial for dogs. Because of this, it is legal to be used in Canada, with CBD products containing lower than 0.3% of THC to make it healthy to be used every day. As of 2021, the sales of CBD oils and its other forms are close to reaching a billion dollars cumulatively which shows that many regularly use it.

However, given that it is still relatively new, it may be confusing for first-time users to use it properly. Before using it, it is best to familiarize yourself with how it is used, what its contents are, and the best reviewed ones. This is especially if you are using this for your dogs who may not immediately show side effects when you use CBD improperly.

Compiling the best Canadian CBD oils for dogs / Criteria

Our list of the best CBD products is based on a thorough analysis of different factors to ensure that we will be able to properly analyze each product. For this, we considered the following:

· Research – Through analyzing various peer-reviewed research journals, we got accurate information about the best ingredients that must be seen in the products. We compared the contents of the CBD oils and looked for the ones that had the best benefits specifically for dogs.

· Manufacturing process – CBD is a regulated industry in Canada. Still, we must always look for companies that go the extra mile to ensure that their ingredients are free from toxic chemicals, that they use human-grade quality, and their utilization of CBD is safe and potent. Given that this is advised to be taken by dogs every day, we must be very secure with the quality of the oils.

· User-friendliness – CBD products have a lot of terminologies that many first-time users will be confused from. Because of this, we prioritized those that made it very easy to understand how it is used, what its contents are, and more. We also favored those which have a rich body of information available in their websites and those which have many communication channels through which customers can directly inquire.

·Customer reviews – Finally, it is still best to get the results from many others who have also given it to their dogs. We sorted through the highest and lowest scores of the products and checked for common complaints or compliments about the product. Through this, we can get a better idea about the effectiveness and quality of the oils.

Our first choice – Furbabies Co

Furbabies is a company based in Vancouver. We highly praise them for the high quality of their products that are made possible by the research they dedicate before launching them. They are made of a team of pet product and health experts which have a cumulative experience of more than 46 years which makes them more trustworthy.

They have a special blend of cannabimimetic hemp that is made for the best healing effects for dogs that is safe to consume for every day. Their CBD oil for dogs has variations. This includes those for:

  • Small breeds (30 mL, 100 mg)
  • Small to medium breeds (30 mL, 150 mg)
  • Medium to large breeds (30 mL, 300 mg)
  • Extra-large breeds (30 mL, 600 mg)
  • Extend care variation (50 mL, 1800 mg)

As we see, they have specific variations for all breeds and sizes. For example, Chihuahuas are best matched for the small breeds option while Golden Retrievers will benefit the most from the extra-large variation.

Aside from these, they also offer CBD skin salves and dog treats.

Ingredients in Furbabies hemp oil

Furbabies uses MCT oil which is a form of coconut oil that is known to be easier to digest which makes it good for everyday consumption for dogs. These have longer chains of fatty acids which allow it to be easily converted into energy. Its composition allows it to have a long shelf life even without the use of additional preservatives. This oil is known to be good for the heart, for reducing inflammations, improving the skin, and boosting the dog’s energy.

Because hemp has a grassy smell, Furbabies has infused natural flavorings for these. They offer two: bacon and natural. To Furbabies’ credit, their oil smells natural and free from any chemical residues which make it more pleasant to the dog’s sensitive nose. This is a sign that it does not use toxic chemicals for its blend.

Furbabies hemp blend

Their blend uses the cannabimimetic properties of different plants, especially hemp. They also utilize black pepper, cacao, rosemary, turmeric, liverwort, thyme, and more. These plants have good synergy with each other and helps boost the beneficial effects of the oil for the following:

  • Lessening inflammation
  • Reducing anxiety in dogs
  • Helpful for dogs receiving cancer treatments
  • Speeds up healing of wounds and sores
  • Improves their immune system
  • Lessens the symptoms of allergy

According to research, the use of different sources of plants’ terpenes and cannabimimetic content makes it more effective for treating symptoms of dogs. These bind to the receptors of the dog’s body to give the mentioned benefits.

Furbabies Packaging and product information

Furbabies stands out with its use of a clear white bottle where its contents can be properly seen contrary to the usually all-black design of other companies. Aside from easily showing users if their supply is running out, it also makes them more confident when they see the contents of the blend properly.

It comes with a dropper that is a clear guide that makes it easy to control how much we give to our dogs. It is also designed well to allow more precision when taking the contents of the bottle.

The packaging of the product contains adequate information about its contents, how to use it, and for what size of pet it is for. This makes it friendly to beginners and easier to use. It also contained contact information of the company such as their email and their website.

A quick scan of their webpage immediately tells us about the immense effort they pour in ensuring that customers are fully informed. Here, we saw a quick quiz for knowing the best product for your pet, information about how their specific blend is made, and how it affects the pet’s body. They are also easy to contact for specific inquiries.

Furbabies dosing guide

When it comes to CBD, the specific dosing is different for each blend because of their unique takes on its content which affects its potency. Because of this, you must first read the instructions provided by the company.

For Furbabies, their dosing is based on reaching the “sweet spot” for your pet which depends upon the specific symptom you are trying to treat. For example, those suffering from immense everyday pain may be given higher levels.

Furbabies recommend giving dogs the lowest dose during the first week to allow their bodies to adjust to it first. After this, they can start slowly increasing the dose by 0.25 ml. They can finally stop increasing the dose once they notice that the symptoms of their dogs have improved. However, the dose should never go over 1 mg for every kg of the dog’s overall weight. Through this, they will not be at risk of suffering from side effects like vomiting or dizziness.

Furbabies Customer Reviews

The blend has been noted for being very effective for treating anxiety in pets. For example, those who were rescued from abusive households or used to be stray dogs became more comfortable in their homes as stated by those who reviewed the product. They said that it made their pets more energetic and friendly to other pets.

Another said that it boosted the health of their older dogs who were suffering from arthritis and who used to be very stationary. After regularly consuming the blend, their dogs became more active and willing to go on walks which then caused an overall improvement of their health.

Finally, many also said that it helped in lessening the episodes of epileptic seizures for their pets even with the presence of usual triggers like exhaustion and heat. When it happened, the intensity of their attacks was also more manageable and less intense.

Furbabies Pros

  • Has a unique blend that incorporates various plants like Echinacea, hemp, black pepper, and more
  • Has a clear bottle that makes it easy to administer properly
  • Comes in a lot of varieties to match different breeds and sizes
  • High quality of ingredients
  • Comes with lab certifications

Furbabies Cons

  • None really

Our second choice – CBDNorth

CBDNorth is one of the most popular brands in Canada. Based in Vancouver, the company has a strong dedication to providing both high quality and affordable CBD that has been well-researched. They are one of the most innovative companies because of their very selective process in creating CBD. Their special blend for dogs is notable for its effectiveness.

The company has a unique offer of giving affordable and universal healthcare for all which can be seen by their 45% discount for citizens who are military veterans, teachers, seniors, and more. Through this, their products will be more accessible for those who need it the most.

They also have a 2-5 business day guarantee for delivery within Canada no matter the city or town.

Their CBD oil has been developed to provide the best relief from aches in joints, anxiety, inflammations of the skin, and restlessness for dogs.

CBD North Ingredients

CBDNorth takes the second spot in our list because of its limited variations, with only a single flavor available. However, users will not have any problems giving it to dogs because of its Wild Alaskan Salmon flavor which has a very mouthwatering aroma. Aside from this, it is also very healthy for dogs because of its Omega-3 content which is good for their heart.

CBDNorth takes pride in the healthy content of their flavoring which is free from phosphates and other toxic chemicals that are usually in artificial preservatives. Through this, there will be less chances for your dog to develop tumors and cancers.

They also provide a Certificate of Analysis to prove the quality of their ingredients.

CBD North Hemp blend

CBDNorth uses high-quality hemp for their products to ensure the best quality. The ones they use are free from insecticides and preservatives which makes it safe to be taken every day. They also use a CBD isolate blend which means that it does not contain THC at all. Through this, it will not cause any “high” for your dog no matter the dose.

They have also provided lab certifications and reports in their website where information about the content of their CBD isolates can be seen. Through this, we can be more certain that it will not have any side effects when taken by dogs in proper amounts.

CBD North Packaging and product information

CBDNorth uses a simple brown bottle that displays that it is for dogs and that it contains 500MG of CBD. Each bottle contains 30ml and is made to last for at least a month if you give 1 ml per day. The dropper was easy to use for both measuring and giving the drops.

The website of the company is written in its packaging for easy access. Here, there are countless guides for properly dosing the product, information about its blend, lab certifications, and more. Its interface and design also made it comfortable to browse through. They also provide contact information for any specific inquiries.

CBD North Dosing guide

The company bases the dosage on the specific symptom that you are trying to treat. The lowest dose of 1 mg of CBD is recommended for dogs suffering from anxiety and mild pain which is about 3 drops of the oil per 10 lbs.

Next, they advise 3 mg of CBD for those suffering from more severe anxiety which causes restlessness and lack of sleep. This is about 0.2mL of the oil for every 10 lbs.

Finally, the strongest dose they advise is for those suffering from severe pain. This is usually for older dogs suffering from anxiety, those undergoing chemotherapy, and similar cases. This contains 5 mg of CBD. This is about 0.33 mL of oil for every 10 lbs.

As with any CBD oil for dogs, it is best to start with the lowest dose first which you can gradually increase to allow their body to adjust first. Because of the CBD isolate blend of the product, the side effects are generally less severe compared to other blends.

CBD North Customer reviews

Many compliment the product to be a good overall health booster for their dog. A customer said that their aging dog of 17 years was starting to show less energy and anxiety before. CBDNorth’s blend helped in making them become active again. It is a good sign that the pain sensitivity of the dog has been reduced and any chronic pains that they experienced were lessened.

Other customers also praised the smell of the Wild Alaskan Salmon which made it very easy to give it to their dogs. One said that their usually picky dog who only has specific foods they eat did not have any problems eating it.

There are also customers who praised it to be effective even for short-term use such as in situations where dogs usually become stressed. This includes trips to public places, parties in their house, and even travelling by airplane.

CBD North Pros

  • Good quality of hemp as proven by lab certifications
  • Uses CBD isolate blend that makes it easy to dose properly
  • Contains abundant information for ingredients and dosing
  • Effective for treating various symptoms of dogs
  • Natural flavoring is free from preservatives and is good for the dog’s heart

CBD North Cons

· Only has one flavor

Our third choice –Creating Brighter Days

is a pet-centered product line made by CBD Oil Canada which is one of the first CBD companies to appear in the market. Because of this, they have the trust of many customers all throughout the country. They have a wide variety of CBD selections, with juices, pills, and oils available. These are available in over 600 pet stores and are approved by veterinarians and health blogs. As with the top brands, they also dedicate a lot of research to ensure that their formulas are safe and effective for dogs.

They offer the following concentrations:

  • 250mg for the smallest dog breeds
  • 500mg for medium sized dogs
  • 1000 mg for the largest breeds

Creating Brighter Days Ingredients

The brand primarily uses hemp seed oil for containing the CBD. Because it is gathered from the same plant that CBD comes from, synergy is expected between these ingredients which can boost its effects. This oil is also healthy for the heart as it contains omega 3, 6, and 9. It has a lot of healthy contents such as fatty acids, proteins, and fiber. Through this, it can help boost the mental health of the dog, make them immune to diseases, and make their heart healthier.

It also mixes pure coconut MCT to the blend which is known to be an oil that is easy to digest. Because of this, the nutritious contents will be easier absorbed by the dog. It has also been seen to improve their metabolism to make them more energetic. Through this, their chances of being obese is reduced and their cardiovascular health will be improved. Lastly, it also has antioxidant properties which help in removing free radicals in their body.

Finally, they also include pumpkin seed oil to the mix which is also filled with a lot of nutritious content such as fatty acids, antioxidants, and amino acids. This can help prevent obesity, improve liver health, strengthen their bones, and lessen the chances of having cancer and diabetes. It is also rich with Vitamin A which helps in improving their eyesight.

As we can see from its ingredients, it is the richest in terms of oil variety. Through this, the benefits of CBD will be boosted. Their use of pumpkin seed is unique and makes them recommendable especially for dogs suffering from cataracts.

Creating Brighter Days Hemp blend

Creating Brighter Days uses a full spectrum blend. This means that they incorporate all of the contents that can be found in the hemp flower and stalks. This includes not just CBD, but also hemp terpenes, flavonoids, and THC. Through this, its benefits will be boosted because of the “entourage effect” which is seen in cannabis plants like hemp.

Even though THC is generally avoided for pets, the product contains less than 0.3% of THC to ensure that it will be safe. They are also regulated which means that owners can trust this.

A full spectrum blend means that it is the most potent for the pet. Because of this, a small dose of it will greatly lessen their symptoms. This might also mean that it may take longer for them to adjust to it during the first weeks. In the long run, however, this blend may be the most beneficial and friendly to the budget.

As with any full-spectrum CBD oil that does not have a highly aromatic flavor mixed, it has a strong grassy smell which may take a while for your dog to get familiar with.

Creating Brighter Days Packaging and product information

Creating Brighter Days uses a medical packaging that still has a sense of identity that can be seen with its color palette of purple, orange, and yellow that follows their brand name. Because of this, it is aesthetically pleasing.

It is also informative at the same time, highlighting what dog size it is for, its hemp content and its blend, and instructions on how to use it.

The bottle itself is a transparent brown that easily shows how much is left. It also comes with a reliable dropper that makes it easy to measure how much of the oil you use.

It also comes with multiple certifications to prove the quality of its content. By the side of the box, you can see that their hemp is fully Canadian grown, is free from GMO, and is certified to be manufactured well.

Creating Brighter Days Dosing Guide

It has different instructions depending on the exact blend intensity that you purchased. This depends upon the weight of the dog. For example, the 1000mg blend recommends 3/4 of the dropper for 101-125 lbs., 1 dropper for 126-150 lbs., and 1.25 dropper at most for 151 lbs. and above. Users simply need to refer to the side of the box to be guided.

As with all products, we recommend you start slow to allow the dog’s body to adjust to CBD. After all, they become too sleepy when you give them too much immediately because of a dip in their blood pressure. With Creating Brighter Days using a full spectrum blend, we recommend you follow this advice more because it is more potent.

Creating Brighter Days Customer Reviews

One reviewer said that it helped in making their senior husky healthier again even after being diagnosed with arthritis and spondylosis. With both of these being diseases that affect the spine, muscles, and joints, it shows that the CBD blend is effective in lessening pain and inflammations. It also does not seem to affect any of the prescribed medications that they are currently taking.

Some started by using it as a temporary fix for when they take their dogs to stressful situations and for those who had just come from surgery. Seeing its positive effects, most of them have gone on to use it regularly because of its overall benefits for making their dogs more energetic, friendlier, and free from anxiety.

Many also praise the brand for being quick in delivery within Canada and helpful in answering concerns and questions regarding this.

They are also a good brand for new customers because of the rich body of information about its usage, dosage, and ingredients that can be seen in its packaging and website.

Creating Brighter Days Pros

  • Uses a full-spectrum blend
  • Has good packaging that contains instructions
  • Rich information found in website

Creating Brighter Days Cons

  • No flavor options

What to consider before buying CBD oil in Canada

These three are a few among the dozens of CBD companies in Canada. To get the best value for your money, it is best to check out certain aspects about the oil before buying one. These are the top aspects that we look for in a product before recommending it:

1. Blend/Type of the CBD Oil for dogs

There are three major variations of CBD oil. The first is the full spectrum blend used by Creating Brighter Days that, as we mentioned, uses all the ingredients found in the hemp plant to follow the “entourage effect”. It is the most effective in treating the symptoms of the dog.

The problem with this blend is its high potency that makes it hard to dose properly if you are new to CBD. Going over the recommended one may result in your dog being too sleepy. Aside from this, they may also dislike the strong grassy smell of blend. Other than this, full spectrum blend is a good option.

The second one is broad-spectrum blend which is a weaker version of the full-spectrum blend. This makes it more bearable for dogs and also easier to dose. For owners, this is the easiest to administer because its potency is just enough. Still, dogs can still have side effects if you go over the dose.

Last is the CBD isolate blend which removes everything else in the plant except for CBD. Through this, you will be very secure that your dog will not experience side effects. This is the choice for dogs of the smallest breeds and those who do not want to take chances with measuring the dose.

Keep in mind that with all of these blends, THC content is lower than 0.3% which means that it will not have any psychoactive effects for dogs. In other words, they will not become “high” from consuming it.

2. Quality of ingredients

It is best to choose for those that go the extra mile with their ingredients. This includes the use of non-GMO hemp, those that do not use insecticides and toxic chemicals, and those with all-natural flavorings. This is why we love Furbabies, as they only use natural ingredients. They also somehow make a wonderful Bacon flavor without the use of any meat!

It is also good if they put in additional plants and oils to boost its health effects. For example, this can be seen with Furbabies’ cannabimimetic blend that incorporates rosemary, Black pepper, and more. Creating Better Days also includes pumpkin seed oil which is good because of its Vitamin A content.

3. Customer reviews on CBD products for dogs

Because CBD is still new in the pet care industry, customer service should be one of the priorities for the company. Users should prioritize companies which offer a lot of information available in the packaging and their websites. They must also be easy to contact to ask specific questions.

Other concerns like speed of delivery should also be well-reviewed by users to ensure that your supplies are always enough. This is because CBD is recommended to be given daily for the best effects.

Conclusion for the best CBD products for dogs in Canada

Based on a review of ingredients, blends, customer reviews, and more, we have compiled our top three choices. Furbabies come first because of its use of multiple plants for improving the health benefits of its oil. CBDNorth takes the second place for its very high customer reviews and high quality of hemp. Last is Creating Brighter Days which uses a full-spectrum blend that is potent and effective for treating the issues of the dog.

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