CBD Cat Treats: Ingredient, side effects, dosage, and more

CBD cat treats can be used to boost your cat’s health. Find out what they're made of, how it affects them, and its potential side effects

Introduction to CBD cat treats and its uses

Cats are one of the best pets to keep around as they are highly independent, making them a good choice for those who leave their house frequently and live in small spaces. However, their independence also causes them to be quite secretive when they are experiencing diseases. When this happens, they are most likely to rest more, eat less, and be less energetic. Some may even start becoming less friendly.

Because of this, it is best to simply prevent them from having diseases rather than acting only when they have one. One of the most recommended ways is by giving them CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural compound that comes from the cannabis hemp plant. It was discovered in 1940 but is only used nowadays for human and pet consumption because of legal reasons.

Issues CBD can help cats with

Many research and anecdotal evidence point to it being effective for treating various symptoms of cats such as:

  • Anxiety – When cats are anxious, they become easily afraid of loud noises and sudden movements. This can be because of their natural instincts, if they are rescue cats, and others. This can make them less friendly and less comfortable around the presence of others. With CBD, many owners report their cats to be friendlier, cuddlier, and more relaxed.
  • Epilepsies and seizures – Some cats are born with epilepsy which causes them to involuntarily twitch and jerk when it is triggered. This is because of a sudden influx of electrical activity in their brain which is caused by exhaustion, heat, and others. Many owners say that CBD has helped in lessening the occurrence and intensity of their cats’ epileptic attacks.
  • Other benefits – CBD has also been seen to improve the gastrointestinal health of cats which can help them digest food better. Its other benefits include improving their immune system, lessening their chances of developing tumors, and making their sleep cycles normal.

How does CBD help cats?

CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system or ECS of the cat. Through this, it will send both receptors and neurotransmitters to the different affected parts of the body which then helps relieve pain, reduce the occurrence of epilepsies, and more.

CBD does not cause them to be high as it is not psychoactive. The compound THC which can cause this is ensured to be at less than 0.3% in level for CBD products. Because of this, it is completely safe for them.

What are CBD Cat Treats?

CBD is more popularly given through oil form. While this can work for many, some cats are not fond of having it dropped in their mouth directly. When you mix it with their food, they may not completely eat it especially if they are a picky eater. Because of this, CBD cat treats were created.

These are small cookies or biscuits mixed with CBD oil. It also has a flavor that many cats are fond of such as salmon, beef, and chicken. Many cats love these treats as they are easy to eat, have good texture, and are aromatic. Simply place it on their food bowl and they will immediately eat them as long as they like the flavor you chose.

How many CBD pet treats should I give my cat?

On the average, CBD cat treats have 2-3 mg of CBD per piece. When giving CBD, a ratio between the dose and their weight should be followed. Because of this, you should give the treat twice at most per day.

If the cat is just beginning to eat CBD, it is more advisable to start with only one treat per day. Through this, their body can adjust to it first.

Do CBD cat treats have side effects?

These treats do not have any side effects once your cat gets familiar with them. However, many cat owners say that on the first week of giving it, their cat became sleepier. After this, they became more energetic and livelier again. This slight side effect is explained by CBD companies to be the cat’s response to experiencing less pain for the first time which makes them very relaxed, and therefore, sleepier.

However, giving them too much of the treats in one day can cause some side effects. They can experience a dry mouth, dizziness, and an irritated stomach. This is because of a sudden dip in their blood pressure. Because of this, it is best to control how many of the treats you will give in one day.

Final thoughts on CBD Cat treats

CBD cat treats are biscuits or cookies infused with hemp and mixed with flavoring to make it appetizing for cats. CBD cate treats can help in reducing their anxiety, pain, and epileptic attacks. It is also a health booster which makes it recommendable for all cats. Giving your cats treats with CBD in them is safe as long as given in appropriate amounts. And as always, before doing any big changes to your cats life, double check with your vet to ensure there shouldn’t be any complications if they’re on medicines.

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