Creating Better Days CBD Spectrum 250 review for dogs

Introduction to Review of Creating Better Days’ CBD Spectrum 250

Creating Better Days is a Canadian pet company who specializes in producing nutraceutical and herbal medicines. It is aimed towards horses, dogs, and cats, and is made from pure hemp. They guarantee the quality of their products by using all-natural, alcohol-free, and veterinarian approved ingredients. One of their popular product is the CBD Spectrum 250. They have already been on our list of top cbd oils for dogs right here, so check them out and the rest of our review for a more in depth and hands on guide.

Creating Better Days CBD Spectrum 250 Review

This is their recommended oil for those only starting to use CBD for their pets. Available for both dog and cat, the oil is easy to use and is beneficial. This dosage is recommended for small pets.


One of our favorite things about the oil is its minimalist packaging. It looks medical and clean, making it more reliable to be seen as a supplement to be taken daily. Seeing important details, such as its potency, directions for use, and instructions for storage is easy because of this.

This simplicity also extends to the oil bottle itself. It does not spill easily, and has a sturdy bottle. Because of this, we found its packaging to be of high quality.

Creating Better Days CBD ingredients

There are four key parts of its ingredients.

First is the first spectrum hemp oil, which is a blend that incorporates all of the contents of the hemp plant. This makes it the most effective for treating severe conditions your pets may have, such as epilepsy and arthritis. This makes the oil a little bit bitter, though. Still, it is a good trade for all of its benefits.

You should take note that this oil has terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids in hemp. This includes THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which can cause minor side effects at high levels. Fortunately, Creating Better Days’ has manufactured it to only be within safe levels for your pets.

Creating Better Days’ blend is notable for using three carrier oils. First is the MCT oil, which is made from coconut oil, and is known for being easy to digest for pets. It has many benefits, such as increasing energy, reducing the chances for neurological damage, and promoting healthy weight loss.

Another oil in their blend is the pumpkin seed oil. This is known for being good for the heart. It also removes free radicals in the body, which helps in lessening the harmful effects of aging. Its other benefits include improving hair quality and improving urinary tract health.

Finally, the blend also includes hemp seed oil. As we can see from its name, it is also derived from the hemp plant. Its benefits are a bit different from CBD, though, as it is used more for improving heart health because of its Omega fatty acid content.

The use of three oil carriers is a bit unheard of, but it is certainly not harmful for your dog. Because of this, we found the products’ composition to be well-made.

Creating Better Days Quality Assurance

What we liked most about Creating Better Days is their quality assurance that makes their products more trustworthy.

They use carbon dioxide solventless extraction to ensure that the CBD is pure when extracted from the hemp plant. They are also certified by Health Canada to be free from any pesticide and contaminants, making their products safe for your pet.


Many users have found the blend to be highly effective for pets that weigh up to 34 pounds. It is important to follow the dosing instructions, though, to make sure that your pet receives only the appropriate amount for them.

One of its most noticeable effects is in improving the mood of pets. They were less anxious, and had better quality of sleep. They were also less likely to be surprised by sudden noises and actions, which is always a good thing for those living in apartments.

Another effect is reduction of inflammation. This makes it good for pets suffering from urinary tract infections, those with gastrointestinal issues, and those with arthritis.

Our hands on review of Creating Better Days CBD oil for dogs

As you might, or might not know, we have tried a lot of CBD blends for our dog. She suffers from seizures that we haven’t been able to manage with medicine so we turned to CBD. We did try both the 250 level and the 500, which are basically the same products just different strengths. As she is a small pug we want to be wary of giving her too much oil as it doesn’t end up well, and giving her too little that she doesn’t get the benefits we are looking for.

When we did try the oils for the two weeks we just didn’t notice the same reduction in seizures that we have seen with other oils. In general you will see the benefits within a day or two of starting oils, and even quicker in some cases. But with our little one she just didn’t respond.

This doesn’t mean they are a bad product, just that her system didn’t respond to their blend. They have a lot of happy customers, who love it so they are a good option to try out if you are looking for a cbd product.

Final thoughts on Creating Better Days CBD oil for dogs, 250 mg botttle

Creating Better Days 250 MG oil is a solid choice, from packaging, ingredients, and effects. This is the choice for the smallest pets, with the other choices at 500 and 100 mg. Its use of three carrier oils makes it a healthy supplement for various benefits. With its quality assurance, it is hard to go wrong with using it daily. Because of this, Creating Better Days’ oil gets a good rating from us. So if you are looking for a choice, we can’t say that this is a bad one as their quality assurance and product look top notch. Just for us we found that there were other options for the best cbd oils for dogs in Canada.

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